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What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • aokoyeaokoye Member Posts: 3,497 Member Member Posts: 3,497 Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    7.9k rowing bow in a quad (i.e., sculling boat, 2 oars per person, 4 rowers).

    I was in bow, which means (in our club) that I was responsible for keeping us from running into things/steering, and did a lot of shouting (because otherwise the person at the far end of the boat wouldn't be able to hear. Steering happens by rower(s) rowing harder on one side or the other - no rudder in this case. Bow is also the rower that can see everyone, so more responsible for pointing out . . . hmmm, improvement opportunities, let's call them. ;).

    Today, the rower in 2 seat (right in front of me) was an anthro prof emeritus who was a huge help to me and some of my friends when we started rowing around 16 years ago, but who hasn't been able to row in a while because of major shoulder issues. He thinks he won't be able to solo carry his single any more, so I encouraged him to come out when my group rows, and we'll help him with the carry. (Non-rowers: Single shell is light, usually just over 31 pounds for a racer, but quite awkward: Typically around 26 feet long, and skinny.) This was his first time back on the water in several years, so the quad was to give him a little more stable situation for a first row. He's been doing bike rides, but we still took more breaks than usual to help him ease back into it. It was good to have him back! :)
    I am so bad at carrying bad. Well no ok, I'm terrible at getting them to a point where I can actually walk with them, once I'm at that point then I'm fine, getting it on my shoulder? Hah. One day I'll be able to do it without someone walking me through it.
  • NoHookUpZoneNoHookUpZone Member, Premium Posts: 1,571 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,571 Member
    Leg lifts, arm reps, cycling in a hot room with no air, in a hot vest, dripping sweat.. pushed hard!!
  • ROBOTFOODROBOTFOOD Member Posts: 5,531 Member Member Posts: 5,531 Member
    6.3mi progressive run. 52:27. Started at 9:00, ended at 6:59/mi
  • fitpal4242fitpal4242 Member Posts: 87 Member Member Posts: 87 Member
    Today, I am lying on my couch like a lazy lump.

    But, M-F I do a variety of 45-minute HIIT classes at my gym. I usually do a 1-mile treadmill run on my own before the classes unless I am running late.
  • aokoyeaokoye Member Posts: 3,497 Member Member Posts: 3,497 Member
    Rest day which will probably involve some walking because it's nice outside and I would really to get brunch.

    Also, look what I found from my private lesson on Wednesday:

    That may have been taken shortly after my coach said, "you're rowing under a [enter expletive here] the sunrise. It's so beautiful this morning"
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Member Posts: 1,578 Member Member Posts: 1,578 Member
    Last day of my bootcamp week, no PT or classes just a couple solo workouts.

    Tried to do a slam ball workout this morning, but it was just too hot.

    Made up for it this evening with a workout in a nice air conditioned gym.

    Started with a warm up.
    10 min progressive on the treadmill.
    10 min easy on the rower
    10 min progressive in treadmill (to get ready for the main event)

    Cardio blast
    1000m run/250m row
    800m run/500m row
    500m run/750m row
    300m run/1000m row
    (First interval at 9.7kph and then upping each interval so last was at 10kph, which is pretty quick for me)

    Cool down
    Final km run on treadmill, reducing speed from 10kph down to 9kph, then couple min walk. Nice long stretch.
  • KarenSmith2018KarenSmith2018 Member, Premium Posts: 275 Member Member, Premium Posts: 275 Member
    13km trail run in the sun and loved it
  • TheChristianSimoneTheChristianSimone Member Posts: 156 Member Member Posts: 156 Member
    20 min sprints- as someone who has always been fat being able to do 1/2 mile in under 10 mins has made me so happy bc back in my 20's I couldn't even do 1/2 mile in 20. I remember having to do a fit test and the teacher let me pass by only counting the 1/2 mile. But not to be able to sprint make me cry happy tears inside as girls like me dont do tears.

    20 mins of upper body super sets
    Upward row
    Tricep pushdowns
    Dumbbell press
    Single arm lat pulls
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Member Posts: 1,576 Member Member Posts: 1,576 Member
    60 minutes on the rower broke into two 28 minute sessions with Cool down. Had a ton of honey do things to do today and wife's back was sore so didn't go to the gym. Been working at home since. HR very controlled, didn't even reach 75% of Max (mostly 72% and under), so really comfortable. 16 SPM @ 2:33 or so pace (really slow).
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  • jnomadicajnomadica Member Posts: 280 Member Member Posts: 280 Member
    Rest day, but it was so beautiful out my walk with the dogs was an hour. 70 degrees, blue skies, and not a bit of humidity. Glorious!
  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Member, Premium Posts: 2,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,334 Member

    Rest day including a great afternoon nap.
  • ROBOTFOODROBOTFOOD Member Posts: 5,531 Member Member Posts: 5,531 Member
    4.1mi easy this evening. 106f
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Member Posts: 1,578 Member Member Posts: 1,578 Member
    Bank holiday Monday.

    15min easy sunrise run.
    Other than that I'm taking a rest day, a lot of walking will be involved but no more intentional exercise
  • J72FITJ72FIT Member Posts: 5,478 Member Member Posts: 5,478 Member
    5 Tibetan Rites (7 rounds each rite working towards 21)
    Handstand Pushup - GTG
    *On a Yoga Block
    5 x 2 (10)
    Pull-ups - GTG
    5 x 6 (30)
    Cossack Squat - GTG
    5 x 8 (40)

    Hatha Sun Salutation - 5 Rounds
    Pull-up - EMOM for 15m (60)
    5 reps rounds 1-5 (25)
    4 reps rounds 6-10 (20)
    3 reps rounds 11-15 (15)
    Handstand kick-ups for balance 5 x 5

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  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Member, Premium Posts: 15,640 Member Member, Premium Posts: 15,640 Member
    7.7k rowing the double . . .

    . . . followed by gracelessly tripping then face-planting on the dock. <eye roll> Fortunately, I was carrying neither boat nor oars at the time. I think ribs bruised but not broken (good news for an osteopenic person, lemme tellya), gouged inside lip on a tooth (but no open wounds on the outside, the part that hit a dock regularly frequented by all manner of unsanitary or potentially hazardous stuff. Whew!

    Rowers look graceful, in the boat. I guess. Out, maybe not so much. :lol:

    Speaking of which: Great sunrise rowing photo up there a few posts, @aokoye!
  • ceiswynceiswyn Member Posts: 2,222 Member Member Posts: 2,222 Member
    Yesterday’s workout: hiking 15 miles along the coast north of Exmoor.
    Today’s workout: hiking 14 miles from Gospel Pass (the highest paved road in Wales) down to Hay-on-Wye and back again.
    Not that I love hiking or anything.
  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Member, Premium Posts: 2,334 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,334 Member
    8/26/2019 - late morning at park.

    #1 - bar dips every 0:55 for 11 x 6 plus every 0:30 for 4 x 3 plus every 0:20 for 3 x 2 = 84 reps in 12:51 - goal was 100 reps but I fatigued out.

    #2 - alternating pull-ups and chin-ups - every 0:50 - 32 x 3 plus 2 x 2 = 100 reps in 26:55.

    Decided to scrap planned run as temperature was climbing so will do tomorrow early morning.
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Member Posts: 1,576 Member Member Posts: 1,576 Member
    Did this month's ITC (interclub challenge for my Sub7 Indoor rowing group). It was the "Rugby Challenge". It's a UK thing. They used it as a test to see if Rugby players were fit. Based on this test, I'm challenging right now for backup ballboy!

    You do 1000m / rest 3:00 (1:54.8 pace)
    750m / rest 2:30 (1:53.8 pace)
    500m / rest 2:00 (1:57.8 pace, wheels falling off...)
    250 / rest 2:00 (1:45.8 - decent recovery)
    750m (this is the killer) (2:03.4 -- survival instinct kicked in)

    Post up total time. I averaged 1:56.3. First couple of intervals OK. Died on the last 750 completely.

    I was around 10 seconds off a friend of mine's pace (1:46 pace) that he and I used to be competitive against each other. He's gotten 2 seconds or so faster and I've gotten about 8 seconds slower. Wanted to push it all the way hard and not let the pedal off on this one. Didn't show in performance but my HR was up there! If I could have just shaved time off that last interval but that will come with time.

    @ Aoyoke - I enjoyed that picture as well. Didn't have much time this weekend to write much but that was great. What your coach said about you was outstanding!

    @ Ann - glad you're OK. That sounded like it might hurt for a few days!
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  • jnomadicajnomadica Member Posts: 280 Member Member Posts: 280 Member
    60 minute Krav Maga class
  • aokoyeaokoye Member Posts: 3,497 Member Member Posts: 3,497 Member
    @AnnPT77 and @MikePfirrman - thanks for the complements! And yes, what my coach said was so great to read. I don't get a whole lot of positive feedback from most of the coaches (all of them have seen me on the water and most of them have coached me in some capacity) primarily because their general ethos seems to be, "if I think you're generally doing well I'm going to stay quiet" so it really means a lot when I get really amazing compliments like that.

    Ann, I'm always worried I'm going to fall on the dock and the ramp to the dock, especially when I'm carrying a single or a double. I hope you're not took shaken up. I've tripped, but not fallen, a few times (not when carrying a single or a double) a few times which only increases my level of vigilance. We will probably be rowing out of our new dock on Thursday which is of a different construction. We'll see how steep the ramp is though...(I think the answer is, "steeper than I wish it was").

    Today I skipped the optional erg practice (see the new dock stuff from above) because I didn't sleep well and instead did a Zwift Academy workout. It was focused on 20 second peak power. My saddle has shifted a bit so I need to adjust it but otherwise it was ok. I have two more workouts to do and 4 group rides (or races) to do to finish the program, after that I'll switch to the TrainerRoad sprint triathlon base building plan. No I'm not planning on doing a tri, but the plan is designed around two rides a week instead of three. I can't sustainably fit three rides a week into my week along with rowing and thus.
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