Any active members?

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Hello - it's my 2nd week of food diary and working out after being gone for too long. I've gained all the weight I lost several years ago. This time I'm not doing anything drastic with my diet, just counting calories and using the food diary. Also I'm trying to be more active during the day since I sit in front of a computer all day long.

My husband and daughters are fit - I'm the only one with a weight problem. This is where the eating healthy part gets tricky.

So I need some weight-loss buddies!! My goal is to lose 80lbs. I'm in the North Houston area. Is there anyone out there with similar goals or similar situations? Let's get this board active!


  • FinallyBree
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    Hey girl! I'm trying to find a weight loss buddy too! I'm hoping that the extra accountability and support system will help on the days where I'm struggling.

    I live in Pearland with plans to move to the Northside in the next couple of months. My goal is to lose about 70 lbs and I'm doing a mixture of calorie counting and "whole30".
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    Hi I’m in Woodlands/Spring Area.... I’ve used MFP before to help stay on track with eating and healthy choices. Not much into working out... but looking to change that. 😉. I’m 167 looking to lose 20-30lbs. Could use some motivational connections on here if you want to add me maybe we can keep one another motivated. Good luck to you and your journey
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    I'm over in the Spring Branch area. I lost 30lbs in the last 3 months and am looking to go for another 30!
  • ku140
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    Anyone here still active? I am in the Spring area and just starting working out again :)
  • gabi_texanmom
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    Hi @ku140 - Where do you work out? What's your favorite work out?
  • ku140
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    Hey! I am working out at Fitness Connection (Sawdust Road).
    Right now I'm doing a combo of things. I LOOOOOVE zumba but haven't found a class I really connected to like I did a few years ago. But I still want to do 1 class a week, and then weightlifting and cardio as able,
    My work schedule can get hectic, but I am aiming to be active at least 3 days a week!

    How about you @gabi_texanmom ?
  • gabi_texanmom
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    LOL - wow that makes me feel bad because I haven't been to the Sawdust Rd Fitness Connection since it was remodeled...what like 4 or 5 yrs back??? I go on occasion to the 1960 Humble location. I live literally in the middle and in between both. I've always wanted to try Zumba!! Back in the day I used to KILL the wii just I got moves (at least in my head). How's your work schedule? I work Mon-Fri, and I'm usually home around 6pm. I admire the lifting ladies so much - it is like ultimate fitness goal to be all lean and muscular and awesome.

    For now, I am easing my way back into the gym and my weight machines. Right now I am losing by just counting calories and carbs. I went through like junk-food withdrawal the first week, it was rough. Once the loss slows and I plateau I WILL want to keep going so my butt will MAKE TIME for the gym.

    I sent you a friend request!
  • ku140
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    I used to go there about 10 years ago :D it's looking pretty good!

    I work M-F too, 7-4. I start my day from home and then stop at the gym on my way in when possible (basically I take my lunch break early in the day). I'm really lucky to have a supportive boss! He told me that being active is important and as long as I get my work done, he is totally cool with my doing things this way. After work, I'm so busy picking up my daughter, getting home and taking care of her and my pups....once she goes to sleep around 8pm, I'm just too beat for a workout!

    I've been doing more cardio body is just not ready for the lifting haha. I've been easing into it still, but not focused so much on LEG DAY, ARM DAY etc. I do some weight lifting when I'm done with my cardio and just sit each muscle group a few times a week in some fashion! And I've been so mindful of my food, without driving myself crazy. If I'm honestly hungry, I won't worry about eating something extra, as long as it is a nutritionally sound choice! Most days ;)