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  • Afternoon all.

    Sara, I hope the new job is going well.

    Laura you're absolutely right, every pound is a victory.

    Skinny, I guess maybe you are a lot closer to goal than I am and this is why MFP suggests you can 'only' lost 1lb a week, but to quote Laura as above, it's definitely still a victory and worth doing. I think mine only comes off so quickly because I have so much to lose. That and making sure I drink about 3 litres of water a day. It definitely makes a difference.

    Anyway waves to all, I wish I could be at the Cabana now, work is horrendous again. Stress levels going through the roof and getting lots of abuse from clients who are unhappy things aren't being done quickly enough but I can't keep up with the number I have right now. Apart from a break on here for a blog post and my accountability one as well as here I've been working since 6am without a break. And I'm still behind. Thank goodness I'm not working tomorrow!

    Hope everyone else is having a better day than I am!

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    Nik--Go have a break at the Cabana. I'll watch your post. :)
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    brennerjlb wrote: »
    Frenchfancy - are you Laura W? If so I got your fitbit connect :) Congrats on the 10,000!
    Hello Sara, Lana, Nikki, Skinny, Tracy, Missy, Kathryn, Dawn and some peeps we do not hear from often anymore - Suzu, Runa, Tracy from Canada, Megan, Saltine....I propose a happy hour at the Cabana club! Hope all are well!

    Yes I am❤️🤣🤗
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    Hello to all. Well all I have done is eat, eat eat. Stress at work tipped me straight into comfort eating. Now feeling fed up with myself for letting myself down so much. Bad day - in the doldrums. I have to find new habits that stop my knee jerk habit of reaching for food.

    Sara - keep at it, you’ll be an old hand at the new job before you know it.

    Skinny - stay positive and battle through to lose the lbs.

    Nik - hope hubby is feeling better.

    Waves to all who lurk/are out there battling.

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    Good morning, TGIF!! We got through the week- how do we reward ourselves that is not food?

    Alright Lana - did you run off with the electrician?? Before you jump into the buffet all you can eat lifestyle - stop by and peep. You did during Chemo - dont let your DH derail you completely - until you check in, I have you planting pumpkins with the electrician.......

    Work progresses and my ability to take notes and keep them coordinated is key, because once you are trained there should not be questions.

    Found a hole in pants I am wearing today, luckily it is inseam so "hidden" enough I hope. Hate shopping right now at my highest weight in years. Dont even ask me about my winter pants, I have no clue. Just unthinkable right now. Will deal with it soon enough.

    Wave to all who follow.
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    Good morning all!

    YES! TGIF! Hmmm...non-food reward. Am feeling a little broke (we've had a very expensive year with medical bills and household appliances breaking etc!), so it needs to be non-food, non-cash! Will have to think on that. I would love to see everyone else's rewards!

    Sara--just keep your focus now during the training and you'll be fine. I like to type up my training notes after I take them to help reinforce plus make for easy reference. Plus, then they are searchable. I don't know if you have that time or inclination, but it helps me anyway.

    Lana--Please come back to the Cabana. I was thinking we'd order up some lovely tropical drinks, calorie free of course, for Friday.

    Waving to all who follow!

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    Good morning! Happy Friday everyone! I have got to start making better choices, and this scale is only moving in the wrong direction! Ugh! I’m working from home today to I have to be purposeful in the amount of movement I have today!
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    Hello All~~

    I feel as if I had been abducted by aliens and then dropped back down to Earth. Ugh. Headache today.

    I hope everyone is doing well. At least it is Friday!

    *waving at Cabana Boy for a head and neck massage*

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    Lana - thank you!!
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    Hugs to all having challenging times, especially Ama and Lana. Nik, I hope your day got better too. Hang in there.
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    Good morning,

    Today I want to focus on getting more walking in and drinking more water - does this sound like a broken record? Need to apply more action and less goal setting.

    Nothing different on tap for "to do" so that is appreciated.

    Made online purchase and to get free shipping I bought crock pot liners - will wait until they arrive and make Lasagna next weekend.

    Okay - cboy package on way to Dawn- check in when you can.

    Wave to all who follow.
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    Good morning all! Sara--more water is always a great idea.

    I'm just finishing my coffee, then exercise. Am going to do the great winter switchover this weekend, but which I mean, put away our summer clothes and bring out the warm stuff. Have tons o laundry to do on that front as I bought several used coats, etc. for my child that need to be de-tagged and laundered.

    We were supposed to have baseball (last game of season)+hockey today, but I think we're looking at hockey and martial arts instead because of relentless rain.
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    Good morning! Scale is still trending up! Ugh oh well it’s the weekend and it’s supposed to be a pretty beautiful one at that! I’m definitely getting out for a walk!
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    Hello lying on sofa next to roaring log fire in my French home having helped my other half bring in his grape harvest today. It’s hard work. So it was good for the calorie burn. Trouble is you then have a three hour French lunch cooked by my mother in law for all the workers so probably eaten back more than all the calories I’ve burned. Feeling tired. I had a bad day yesterday as had a 6am flight to get out here and I’m finding I’m just too tired to then really work remotely which is what I had to do. Oh well I’ll have to make up some hours tomorrow. Going to have early night tonight to make back my sleep which I hardly had on Thursday due to Friday am early flight!

    Not doing well otherwise on exercise so I need to sort my head out. I’ve just got to Move and not sit!!!!

    Well done Runa for battling through. You did an awesome job in very trying circs. Be proud of yourself xxxx

    Sara - not a broken record - we just have to keep at it. The best thing is we are not giving up:)))) that is the most important thing.

    Lana - can’t believe you are happy at temp going down!!! It’s so cold in UK - wish we had your heat 😂😂😂

    Love and waves to all 🍇🍇🍇🍇 grapes now fermenting 🍷🍷🍷🍷

    Morning all and sorry I missed you a yesterday. We went for a road trip to see my young horse.

    Runa sounds like you had a very trying time and I'm so sorry you had to cope with all of that by yourself. That said you obviously did manage all of it so huge well done to you and I hope once it's sorted you will be very happy in your new home.

    Sara, hope you're okay.

    Laura sounds like you're doing loads too! Busy weekend to everyone!

    Lana I also can't believe you're happy about being colder! It's an average of about 12 degrees C here at the moment!

    As for my road trip well I drove the 400 mile return trip to see my young horse and have somehow also ended up buying his cousin of the same age. Picture below if I can make it work. So 15 years of dreaming of having one of these horses and now I'll have 2 at once! So excited. I think I've decided to call him Malachi or Kai for short, and she's going to be Caoimhe ( which is pronounced Kee-va) both Irish names for Irish bred horses. They come home on the 30th October so even better reason to get my weight down. I want to be fit enough to keep up with them! 😂vzh24o50nq8v.jpg
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    Good morning,

    Thank you Niki for starting us off, I was awake too much middle of night. Turned on AYBS and heard Captain Peacock and Mrs Slocombe fell asleep before finishing the first episode. Easy to fall asleep when you hear "old friends" on the tele.

    Groceries and 2 more errands later. Hope to get nap in today -read book yesterday and lost track of time.

    We are having an Air Show this weekend so today is the last day of being buzzed by the super sonic planes at the end, four day event that brings in good money, just glad only once a year.

    Niki do you have the buildings for horses or will they be cared for close by?

    Wave to all who follow.
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    Good morning all! Lovely fall day here today, after a drizzling day yesterday.

    Lana--Being part of a walking group sounds wonderful! I hope you had a lovely walk!
    Runa--Wow, giant hugs to you--you are working so hard to change your life and making your dreams real. I wish I were there to support you in person but you are really getting it done by your own power. I hope you get a little rest and self-care, maybe taking a turn at that splendid sauna! 

    Ama--I haven't yet hopped on the scale, but I'm pretty sure it will be up for me as well. Gah. Weekends are hard. 

    Laura--I hope some of that hard work pays off on the scale for you, despite the fabulous French meal! 

    Nik--I love those names for horses. And what a wonderful motivation to continue to work on your fitness goals!

    Sara--So sorry for the rough night of sleep, but I'm glad you found the trick. I really like this youtube channel for their 8-hour "soothing" sleep sounds. A lot of people like their sleep stories, but I haven't found them appealing. You might, though, because different things work for different people.

    I hate a hard time staying on plan today. Reboot today. Also, my sons two fall/winter sports and laundry! Major work deadlines this week so I really need to be ready for the week. 

    Hugs to all who follow and lurk!