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Customize Dashboard Help. NET carbs.

SharonReitsmaSharonReitsma Posts: 28Member, Premium Member Posts: 28Member, Premium Member
Just upgraded to premium member.

How can I get dashboard to track NET carbs, not just total carbs?

I’d like net carbs, total fat, and protein.


  • cmriversidecmriverside Posts: 28,826Member Member Posts: 28,826Member Member
    Net carbs isn't an offered option on this site.
  • ceiswynceiswyn Posts: 2,134Member Member Posts: 2,134Member Member
    The problem with net carbs is that this is an international app and database, and a lot of countries provide nutritional information as net carbs. So the database is already full of net carb entries, and the app has no way of knowing which are which.

    You can either do your own mental arithmetic, or use DB entries you know are net carbs.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 3,488Member Member Posts: 3,488Member Member
    Track fiber and subtract if you know the entries you are using contain fiber.

    Or search for net carb entries or create your own.

    I liked the subtract fiber method, since I think it's important to track fiber when low carbing anyway.
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