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Traffic light system for calories consumed?

juncturejuncture Posts: 154Member Member Posts: 154Member Member
No idea if this has already been suggested or if anyone else would be interested in it but I'd find it really helpful if it didn't go straight from green and under calorie goal to read and over calorie goal and if there was perhaps a yellow/orange phase in between which would relate to being within your maintenance calories?


I'm currently on about 1800 calories a day (without exercise calories) and say if I were to go to 1900 calories I'd get the numbers going red but with my settings (to lose 1lb a week) I am eating 500 less than my maintenance so I'd love to see an option for a yellow/orange/amber number of calories which would be for calorie intakes in between your weight loss calories and your maintenance calories.

Hope this makes sense!


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