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Before & After (...or During)

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Guys! Life. Is. Hard. Stress, to-do lists, parenting... Add in trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly on top of it all can be draining . But also, the gym is my getaway, my peace, my friend.

I’ve never been a thin person, but I’ve always been active. I got into doing Zumba and some other classes before having children and got into the best shape I’ve been in. Fast forward to 2017 to the birth of my second child. I knew after having him, I wanted to get into great shape again. And I wanted to lift heavy weights. It’s so empowering for me to be strong and powerful physically . In actuality, I have not lost so many pounds, but my body has definitely changed! Some days I feel fit but some days I still feel like I look the same as my “before” photo. I recently started a new job that requires me to be more sedentary and it is KILLING me. All I can do though is try to keep active, keep eating healthy, and keep moving forward!

Side note: I love seeing everyone’s motivating posts here. So inspiring ! Always looking to meet to friends to keep accountable and have support !

Before: 3 weeks postpartum
edited October 2019


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