Curious: do you track on Thanksgiving (or any holiday)?



  • VpinkLotus
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    I think I will today. I figure it will be a high calorie day so tracking it will give me an idea of what a day like that looks like. I’ve been thinking lately that in order to know what a healthy amount of calories would be, I first really have to see what my rough days add up to...I guess I’m still playing around with my daily calorie goal.
  • karinasepilogue
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    I like the combo here of Nighthawk & sugarcake38. I have planned my food using MFP and will take that pic of what's on my plate, not return for seconds & return to my carb-cycling the next day. Enjoy your meal everyone and remember to not allow one day to sabotage your efforts. Enjoy the day and remember to show gratitude for all we have! Happy thansgiving! Blessings, Karina
  • skelterhelter
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    Well, I was gonna be good on Thanksgiving...then the cheese and cracker plate came out :D That was more my downfall than the dinner itself.
  • PrismaticPhoenix
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    I ended up taking a wild, flailing guess and it's probably not right at all. :o
  • parkerpowerlift
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    This is my first month consistently tracking in the longest, maybe the longest I've consistently tracked all year. So I forced myself to log my foods yesterday. It wasn't with precision accuracy, but more of a guestimate on foods.

    Honestly, I've had quite a bit of GI and stress issues that has caused some unplanned weight loss (-10 in 3 weeks). I think Tuesday or Wednesday were the first days that I've been able to hold down food relatively well all month long. I tested the waters with Thanksgiving as well and I was able to hold everything down as well.

    Lol, leftovers for dinner had me second-guessing myself because it gave me HORRIBLE indigestion/heartburn.

    Looking forward to seeing things level out over the next few days and hopefully I can continue to see another drop on the scale.
  • sgt1372
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    I log everyday, whether it's a holiday or not.
  • OldHobo
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    I only track on days that I eat or drink something.
  • kcmcbee
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    Yeah I just selected “Thanksgiving meal” someone had in the list and put down a big # for this one meal for one day.
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