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After visiting India last year and falling in love with dosa and idli I made the batter yesterday, fermented it overnight and today made my first ever dosa and idli. For those who are interested, the dosa is a pancake and the idli are small, wee fluffy savoury "cakes" that you have with a sambar. They use the same batter which is fermented and created with rice and lentils. So not only is it good for your gut (being fermented), it's high in protein and low in fat. Idli are steamed and dosa cooked on a tawa. Mine used about half a teaspoon of oil to cook because it's not a non-stick pan... I don't have a tawa so I used my flat pancake pan. I made a vegetable sambar with carrots, beans, and moong dal. I don't have an idli pot so I used my egg-poacher to get the circular shape of the idli
Soooo good. Love experimenting when it works out well!
Any one else have any new dishes they've created and are willing to share? I'm open to new ideas, flavours or techniques. With my boys away for a while I'm keen to experiment and experience more.


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    @maiomaio71 I love dosas!
    My dad came to the USA from India and he missed "home cooking" - this was in the early 60's when ethnic food was not predominantly available. Anyhow, he taught himself how to make many dishes and I adapted his samosa recipe to baked instead of fried.
    I use the same samosa ingredients but instead of frying them I place each of them on a parchment lined baking sheet that has been lightly sprayed with non-stick spray and brush the tops with a bit of olive oil. Into a piping hot oven (425 degrees F) for 12-15 minutes and yum! I serve it with mint sauce and yogurt.
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    My wife and I are planning on taking a ramen class in the near future. We could probably figure it out but we wanted to try this as an activity to do together.

    Otherwise I have been in a little bit of a rut lately. I made pans and pans of party food over the holidays but most of it was either things I have done before or variants.

    I did write a new recipe recently and it was really good but it was nothing terribly exciting or original. It was a layered chicken dish with enchilada sauced riced cauliflower , loads of mushrooms, some salsa con queso, among other ingredients between Flatout wraps. Because of the low calorie fillers it made a healthy portion at a low calorie price tag which never hurts my feelings.
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    I need to learn more about Mexican cooking. And Spanish. I love their flavours. Do you make your own enchilada sauce?
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    maiomaio71 wrote: »
    I need to learn more about Mexican cooking. And Spanish. I love their flavours. Do you make your own enchilada sauce?

    No. I do not go in that direction often enough nor do I make a quantity big enough to justify the effort. I could do semi-homemade sauce but then I would feel like I was cheating if I avoided using one jar by using cans of other products.

    I often make a transitional dish to help return to a deficit from eating more calories. This was what I was eating right after New Year's day to help pave the way. I could eat it anytime but I don't always put in the effort.

    I am in the mood for some vegetarian chili though so I might be making that this weekend.
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    My go to snack at the moment are pre made supermarket onion bahjis. They are 80 to 110 cal each (depending on where you get them) tasty and seen to avert my chocolate craving. Seems to bensure something about this Indian food😊
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    @astidog99 funny how they stop your chocolate craving! Yeah, there's something about the flavours that hits the right note. I learned a lot when I was over there and I'm reading lots about it now and experimenting. I'm not good with hot spices but I love flavourful spice. I made an amazing biriyani tonight. Definitely a keeper recipe.
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    I absolutely adore Saag Paneer - when I started focusing on weight loss, I realised I needed to have some go-to recipes that I could freeze and reheat for the nights that I have had a rubbish day at work and want something quick and easy, previously I would have ordered takeaway or gone out to the pub. Now I have all sorts of recipes I really enjoy but this is one of my favourites.

    I have collected a few recipes on my website that I like, I probably have a few more I need to add like Olive tapenade and Aubergine & Mushroom Soup.