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Women 200lb+, Let's Jump-Start This January!!!



  • Tarzan37Tarzan37 Member Posts: 151 Member Member Posts: 151 Member
    Wondering if anyone else has been having issues with MFP logging food? Beginning yesterday, it won't let me edit anything on my food list and everything I have ever entered is showing up alphabetically even when searching under "most recent" or "most frequent". This site has been so glitchy for me and I'm getting a bit frustrated with it.

    Edit: Fixed the listing back to default - somehow it was changed to list foods alphabetically (the two options are "names" and "default"). I don't recall ever changing this and actually didn't know the option existed.

    Now to figure out how to edit foods - there used to be a minus (-) on the right hand side of the foods listed but that has disappeared for me.
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  • kali31337kali31337 Member, Premium Posts: 1,048 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,048 Member
    Savannah80 wrote: »
    Height 5' 7" (169cm)
    SW: 208lb/94.4kg (31/12/2019)
    CW: 197lb
    TW: 147lb/66.7kg

    13/1/2020 - 197lb (-11lb)
    20/1/2020 - 197lb (0lb)

    Well after an amazing loss the first week, I’m bitterly disappointed not to have lost at all over this last week. Don’t know what I’ve done wrong 🙁

    I’m targeting 1200kcal intake per day and trying to drink 2 litres of water a day as recommended. I’ve started back at weekly circuit training class and also been out running again. My last run was 7.15km (4.4miles). Why didn’t I loose this week??

    If what you are logging is accurate, you body could be retaining water due to your workouts. Don't be too frustrated about a week plateau, it happens to all of us. Just keep on doing what you are doing.
    Don't forget to also take pictures and body measurements because sometimes you can see a difference there when the scale isn't showing one!
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