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Low carb vs counting calories

lilmisstwinmomlilmisstwinmom Posts: 28Member Member Posts: 28Member Member
I’ve been counting calories but wondering if I should start doing low carb to see more results.


  • kmfeig87kmfeig87 Posts: 1,440Member Member Posts: 1,440Member Member
    No matter which method you choose to'll only be losing at .5 - 2 pounds per week. Faster than that isn't healthy or sustainable. Some methods may be easier for you to stick to, or make you feel fuller, or have fewer cravings. The method that's easier to stick to is the one that makes sense for you to follow. Good luck on your journey
  • lilmisstwinmomlilmisstwinmom Posts: 28Member Member Posts: 28Member Member
    Thanks for y’all’s help. I’m really focused on keeping my calories under control right now. I did cut out sweets too so I’m hoping my cravings stop soon.
  • nanachicnanachic Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I’ve just started low carb and so far it’s working. I just watched a video of a bariatric surgeon In London saying he advises his overweight patient’s to not count calories and do low carb instead.
    Cut out sugar and eat healthy veg and berries.
  • gilko93gilko93 Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    That's what I Exactly do, counting calories and eating less carb, works for me
  • lwilliams6486lwilliams6486 Posts: 12Member Member Posts: 12Member Member
    Try a couple of weeks of calorie counting and then a couple of weeks low carb see what work best for you.
    For me I do low carb and no calorie counting. 2 weeks in and 9lbs down.
  • cheryldumaischeryldumais Posts: 1,928Member Member Posts: 1,928Member Member
    I've done a lot of low carb diets over the years. I had the most success losing weight initially on them but always ended up gaining it back because I got sick of not having potatoes, rice and bread. I finally lost weight and kept most of it off a few years ago when I counted calories to get to goal. The reason low carb helps you lose weight initially is water loss. I also found personally that I got really bored with protein and fat so I quit eating most of the time. Nowadays I do watch my macros only because I find if my carbs get too high I find it very hard to stop eating even when I'm over my calories. So I said all that to get to the point that sometimes a lower carb diet can be helpful but if you are thinking of doing Keto just to lose quickly then go back to normal eating you will likely gain the weight back. Most of the folks on here who have been successful with Keto or lower carb eating have made a PERMANENT change. If you can't do that then I suggest staying on low cal and being patient. Good luck.
  • jeagogojeagogo Posts: 198Member, Premium Member Posts: 198Member, Premium Member
    Rather than focusing on cutting out carbs to help your weight loss I recommend focusing on what calories you DO eat. Either way a consistent calorie deficit is what makes you lose the weight, so think about how you use those calories to find which foods are going to make you feel full and energized. For example, if you focus on getting lots of protein in your diet for energy and satiety you might find that in turn you have fewer calories to spend on carbs, but don't necessarily need to intentionally remove carbs from your diet.
  • bfannybfanny Posts: 439Member Member Posts: 439Member Member
    Every time I try the very low carb approach I end up Binge eating...On carbs obviously 🙄
    Not necessary IMHO
  • DanpDanp Posts: 1,557Member Member Posts: 1,557Member Member
    Try a couple of weeks of calorie counting and then a couple of weeks low carb see what work best for you.
    For me I do low carb and no calorie counting. 2 weeks in and 9lbs down.

    Unfortunately, 2 weeks is too short a time frame to make any sort of judgement call on the effectiveness of an approach. Weight loss effectiveness is gauged over months rather than weeks.

    It's particularly too short a time period when changing to a low carb diet as this can cause a significant drop in water weight during the first 2 or 3 weeks. It's entirely possible to put on or maintain fat weight during this period but still show a reduction on the scales due to the reduction of water weight.

    The long shot is people getting very discouraged and frustrated when all of a sudden their water weight levels stabilise in week 4 and the scales stop, or start moving in the wrong direction seemingly 'for no reason'.
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