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Hi Guys

I'm new here and looking for ideas for when I go shopping. So, my question is what is your absolute must haves when you go shopping for a successful weight loss week??



  • ReenieHJ
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    Chicken, vegetables, avocado, some fruits but not as many as I used to buy and depends on what's in season, alternate proteins such as nonfat plain yogurt, and eggs. It really depends on my mood and what I need. :) I've been on a roasted veggies kick for a few weeks. Hummus is another thing that I buy often. I don't preplan meals but always make sure I have a variety of veggies on hand, along with chicken, eggs and peanut butter.

    I stick to basic and easy. Cause that's just me. :)
  • Priasmama416
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    Baby spinach, avocado, ground turkey, whol wheat tortilla, all very versatile
  • Charley872017
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    Excellent ideas thanks guys!!
  • apullum
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    A successful weight loss week is one in which you are consistently hitting your calorie goal without going over. Fat loss is not caused by eating specific foods; it's caused by consistently being in a calorie deficit. The specific foods you eat are personal preference.

    For example, I eat chocolate every single day. It's not 7 am here yet, and I've already had chocolate. (It was chocolate PB2 and protein powder in Greek yogurt.) The common belief is that this would be "bad" for weight loss, or in my case maintenance, but it's just a food that I eat in quantities that fit my calorie goal. After dinner, I'll most likely split a nice chocolate bar with my husband.

    The things that help me stay within my calorie goal, feel full, and hit my macros are mostly proteins, fiber, and low calorie vegetables. I always keep 0% Greek yogurt, eggs, dried beans, soy curls/TVP, frozen meatless proteins, protein powder, Quest bars, and tofu. Those are personal preference because I'm vegetarian; being vegetarian doesn't have anything to do with weight. I also always have fiber cereal. Most weeks, I buy salad greens, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, and I also keep potatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic.
  • lemurcat2
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    On a weekly basis I mostly buy produce (including tubers if I am running low and plan to have some) and replenish my pantry staples and frozen fruit and veg if they need it. If you eat meat and get it at the grocery store, that's something else to grab, also eggs and dairy, tofu and tempeh if you eat those.

    But it's going to depend on how you like to eat and what your plan for the upcoming week is (I make my plan in my head and vary based on what catches my eye in the store, but if new to this you might want to start by sketching out your main breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week.

    There are no specific foods for weight loss, although I think focusing on good sources of protein (including beans and lentils, as well as the obvious) and lots of produce and some nuts and/or seeds and whole grains if you like them are good for a healthy diet.

    I like having lots of quick and easy options (canned tomatoes and beans, for example, dried pasta and whole grains) in my pantry, and taste enhancers on hand (spices or favorite spice mixes, hot sauces, jalapenos, vinegars and good olive oil, soy sauce, whatever) on hand too, but again that's usually a pantry thing although when shopping I might check out relevant aisles to get inspired.

    I realized a while back that even before I was watching my weight I'd largely just go to a few sections of the supermarket just because I'm a run in and run out kind of shopper and always had in my head what I wanted.
  • AnnPT77
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    Plain old-fashioned rolled oats, nonfat plain Greek yogurt (3 pound tub ;) ), beans, nonfat milk, rich flavorful cheese (more pleasure impact in a small portion), lowfat cottage cheese (brand matters) and serious major poundage of veggies and fruits. I don't eat meat, but have a high-ish protein goal, so also various chickpea or soy pastas, tofu, tempeh, and occasionally seitan. Yasso Greek Yogurt bars for dessert, Enlightened Crispy Broad Beans for snacks.

    Among lots of other things.
  • earlnabby
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    Every week:
    • Eggs
    • Yogurt
    • sandwich meat
    • bread
    • in-season fruit
    • Salad fixings (greens, tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc)
    • nice flavorful cheese

    As needed:
    • oatmeal
    • half and half (for morning coffee)
    • snack nuts
    • frozen dinners for emergencies
    • frozen veggies

    Changes every week:
    Ingredients for dinners which typically includes meat and veggies for some kind of stew or lean ground beef for burgers. I typically will make something that makes 4 servings and eat it a couple of days in a row so I shop for 2 dinners each week).
  • MelanieCN77
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    I don't have a very regular rotation for lunch and dinner, so I plan a few days out and list what I will be eating, and shop for and stick to that. Variety keeps me on track! That said I almost always have onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, zucchini and broccoli on hand. I add cabbage and cauli when I have a plan that calls for them, and I rotate my proteins so I don't get bored. Sometimes tofu, sometimes eggs, quinoa, or patties or bags of meatless whatevers but those are rarer. Always have canned tomatoes and beans and a couple different stock options. My spices and condiments are a good collection.
  • Talan79
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    If you like salads, arugula is my favorite to add for taste.
  • Armygirlarmyof1
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    I buy lots of salad veggies and I keep hummus around also. I keep the tuna pouches on hand also. I have several health issues going on but fruits and veggies and lots of fish. I do keep chicken and some red meats. Eggs once or twice a week as well as hot and cold cereals. Keep in mind any health issues you have and work within those limits as well.