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  • Theoldguy1Theoldguy1 Posts: 849Member Member Posts: 849Member Member
    Alot of people claim to know me here, the person who claims I have an eating disorder is disgusting and way out of line.

    I know what im doing. I posted this here as an extension of my posts on my page and also mfp.

    I didn't ask for the abusive or the knowitalls to comment , I know how I work, and feel me being hard on myself gets results. Why would I need to sugar coat anything. I've let my weight run away with me it's how I feel and this is how I'm going to rectify it.
    I don't weigh out my food so everything I guessed on the lower end of the scale. I eat my one meal until I'm full,

    I'm sorry this doesn't fit into YOUR world. This community is toxic.

    For those who positively commented I thank you.

    Do what you know you need to do. Best of luck.
  • kshama2001kshama2001 Posts: 21,575Member Member Posts: 21,575Member Member
    Honestly darling, you have to make changes that you can keep doing forever - otherwise it almost always just becomes a cycle of eat (too much) and gain weight, then diet (eat too little) lose weight, revert to eat too much again.

    Yes earlier this week, I listened to the "How To Identify Your Diet Cycle Triggers" episode of the Half Size Me podcast and was thinking about it while reading this thread.

    IIRC, they recommended making changes incrementally, and not going too hard too fast, as that inevitably leads to those cycles.
  • tinkerbellang83tinkerbellang83 Posts: 7,428Member Member Posts: 7,428Member Member
    ReenieHJ wrote: »
    ReenieHJ wrote: »
    I think sometimes, being behind a screen, allows us to express our minds in ways we normally wouldn't express them in IRL. Maybe not, maybe I'm wrong. But while abusive wouldn't be the word I would've chosen to describe some of these replies, harsh would be one and opinionated another. I know we all just want to share what's worked best for us but I also think we can express ourselves with compassion and understanding, especially since many of us have been where he is and still are where he is. Whether or not, it's the RIGHT way, who's to say? Time will tell for HIM.
    So, just my thoughts on all this. Platitudes or not. Maybe it sounds all unicorn poop and puppy dogs to you but I've always been accused of being too sensitive. If that's a bad thing........???
    There, now throw those tomatoes my way, I'm getting hungry.

    Tomatoes ahoy :wink: .

    Harsh and opinionated as they might sound, they are based on fact, not feeling or emotion. OP is "feeling" fine and he may for a while, but under-eating, which he is, is not an opinion, it is a fact and it shouldn't be taken lightly.

    It is not a case of what worked best for me, it's what is unhealthy for the majority of people - the only people who should be intentionally eating as low as OP has advised he is are people under medical supervision on a VLCD and even they are putting themselves at risk, it's just that the risk from other medical issues is greater.

    Time telling may be a case of OP just feeling washed out, rundown and unnecessarily losing muscle or it could be something much more serious - like the anecdotal examples of heart failure from undereating in the link I posted up-thread.

    I can only speak for myself but I haven't written in a tone any way different to that which I would speak to a friend in person or be happy to be spoken to in that way myself, it has absolutely nothing to do with being behind a screen.

    When I would yo-yo diet in my 20's I would be fatigued and depressed, granted they aren't life threatening side-effects but they were no fun and it also affected those around me, so if I can do anything to discourage others from doing the same, I make no apologies.

    Hmm I wonder who could be disagreeing with all these posts :lol:

    Haha believe it or not, I haven't disagreed with that many of them and not these last 2 at all. :) Tones can come across a whole different way in the written word, we all know that.

    I wasn't referring to you.

    As for tone, I learned a long time ago not to try and assume the tone of text comms and try to take words at their meaning rather than how I might emotionally perceive them to be meant.
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