Tracking Steps

Anyway to record steps in exercise log?


  • SezxyStef
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    mine is tracked using my fitness track that is sync'd to MFP.
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    Anyway to record steps in exercise log?

    Manually you can't add the steps per se (not if you want them to count towards your daily calories), but you can log walking under Cardiovascular and that will add the calories. Just look for an entry that is close to your speed.
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    Anyway to record steps in exercise log?

    A certain number of steps are already included in your activity level. You can choose an activity level that mirrors your current activity. Adding all of your steps as exercise will result in a fair amount of double counting.

    Activity trackers that are synced to My Fitness Pal compare your stated activity level to your actual activity and give you credit (added calories) for the difference. You can also enable negative calories for non-active days.