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  • renaegryrenaegry Member, Premium Posts: 1,075 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,075 Member
    Good morning all. This week hasn’t been the greatest. Weight is up 2 lbs but I know it’s just water weight. To much sodium. Not enough water. Need to get on the treadmill more then I am but having trouble finding the time. Just have the winter lazy blues. I do book keeping so sit at my table working and been very busy lately then after school on the run with the kids. Need to get more organized and eat a bit healthier. I know it will come.

    Maybe i need to start posting my food diaries to keep me more accountable of my food choices.

    Hope everyone is doing well.
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,368 Member Member Posts: 2,368 Member
    Hello everyone! Well, no meal prep today: we bought throw-together-meals from Trader Joe's since I'm leaving Tuesday and need time to pack and get ready. :)

    @theslightedgeforever I like that...wisdom lines. I'm going to use that when I start seeing my "flaws". Yes, I have a plan...if I can stick to it. I definitely have a digestive issue with malitol! lol How are you feeling?

    @joannadavison Sorry about the car troubles, those stink! I'm glad you got good results from your liver test.

    @TeresaW1020 Maybe I'll try a Quest bar the next time, thanks for that and thanks for the tip about microwaving it! How cute that your dog tried to eat the snow from the air! lol Good luck at the chili cookoff!

    @its_cleo The bookstore opening WAS fun! There were people dressed as stormtroopers (Star Wars) out front that you could take your picture with (I didn't do that lol), and I was happy to see that there was a ton of people in there not only browsing but also shopping! I bought a book that I've been wanting to read and a pin that says, "When in doubt, go to the library". I was in heaven!!! Congratulations on meeting your goal for 2 weeks in a row, that's fabulous! Roast beef sounds yummy. Have a great day!

    February goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member
    @joannadavison Wonderful news on the liver test. So now another week to make good choices so that one day when you take a diabetes test it comes back normal too.

    @teresaw1020 Woohoo for loose rings. I too just got back into a ring I haven't worn in about 3 years. My husband was like did you buy a new ring? (he never notices anything) No, it's just now fitting again. Although my hands are swollen at this time and I can't get it off. Enjoy the snow while it's there. How did you fare at the potluck?

    @its_cleo I'm a chocolate cake snob. It has to be the right texture, moisture, frosting, etc. for me to eat it. Which is a good thing because most of them don't meet my standards and I got tired of wasting money so I quit trying. It is my favorite dessert though. One of my friends is making my bday cake for me and it's called "Come to Mama" chocolate cake she got off of FB. I hope it's good. Woohoo for meeting your calories goal. That is the habit to work on. It's one you can control. You can't control the number on the scale because of all the fluctuations in our bodies. One day your bicep problem will be a distant memory.

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member
    @renaegry I'm right there with you on the water gain. Hoping it's water gain. Either that or the fat was biding its time while I was sick and couldn't exercise for two weeks and now it's like SURPRISE.

    @trooworld I'm feeling better but not 100%. I walked the mall today but only made it 1 1/2 times around before getting tired and winded. I'm a bit slower too I noticed. But I'll get back to where I was. Oh I definitely would have had my pic taken with the Stormtroopers. lol What book did you buy? Still tracking your food?

    Red Day- Went over 108/100 Exercise- 34 minutes walking

    February goal- Drink 3 glasses of water. :(

    I'm back on my regular carb cycling program. While I was sick I did a week of green and then the next week all yellow and here we are and it's hard getting back into the red days. My mojo was not in full mode. I made a pizza for dinner and ate one piece and then opted for 1/2 piece which put me over. It was a conscious choice as I tracked it before I ate it. The saving grace was that I was going to eat a whole piece and decided to cut it in half. I said why be over alot when you can be over a little. Every little change counts.

    So onto tomorrow and we'll try this again.
  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 2,434 Member Member Posts: 2,434 Member
    @its_cleo, it took me a long time to learn to stop when I felt pain, but we are wise to do so! You just have to be patient with yourself. Roast beef sounds yummy!! :)

    @renaegry, yup that sodium can wreak havoc on our weight at times. Mine is up too and I know it’s because I’ve overdone the sodium the last few days. Take care of yourself! <3

    @trooworld, stay safe and have fun on your trip! <3

    @theslightedegeforever, good for you for making the right choices on your eating! Yes, every little change counts….and every little indulgence adds up! I’ll write about my potluck below. ;)

    Good morning ladies! The chili cook-off last night was a huge hit and we had a ton of people show up and 11 chilis entered into the challenge. I ranked 2nd place along with another contestant. B) It was funny because I tasted all 11 and narrowed it down to mine and the other 2nd place winner. Mine was a beef chili and truly the best I’ve ever made and he made the most incredible chicken chili I’ve ever tasted. We were sitting together at the same table and had fun swapping our recipes. I ended up having the chicken chili with fixings and then making my way over to the dessert table, which wasn’t the best idea! >:) My weight is up a little this morning but hopefully it will go back down. I’m going to stick to my plan as best I can this week. Hubby is taking me out to our favorite pizza place Friday night for Valentine's Day, so I need to bank some calories for that event. Have a great day! :)
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,368 Member Member Posts: 2,368 Member
    @theslightedgeforever That's a great NSV! (The ring) I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm sure it's going to take time. I bought "Thunderhead" which is the 2nd book in the "Arc of a Scythe" series. I think it's considered a young adult series, but honestly, it would appeal to adults as well. The first book was fantastic (It was called "Scythe"). I would have gotten my picture taken with the stormtroopers but everyone was hogging them lol. I haven't tracked my food since last Weds. I need to get back to it.

    @TeresaW1020 Thank you very much! Wow, 2nd place is fantastic, you must have had some really good chili!!! I hope you enjoy Valentine's Day. We are celebrating on Saturday since I'll just be getting home on Friday.

    February goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member
    @teresaw1020 Congrats on 2nd place. That's awesome. You at least made it on to the podium. So what thoughts were you having when you were sitting eating your chicken chili and then the thought of dessert came into your mind? Did you go over? Did you track? In situations like these I usually leave myself some carbs for at least 1/2 piece of dessert just in case I want some. That way it's built in. If I indulge, no problem. If I don't indulge, better for me less carbs. Now I'm learning to indulge if it's something that looks and tastes really good. Desserts should be special. That was the latest entry in my 100 day book. Yes every indulgence matters and adds up too. Although tomorrow is my bday and I'm indulging. But I will track and I'll do a short exercise session. Can't throw all my good habits out the window on my special day.

    @trooworld I looked up that book. Looks interesting. I still haven't made my decision yet on next years bookclub choice. I'm considering Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel. What happens after most of the world is wiped out due to pandemic flu. ;) A little Shakespeare thrown in. lol I was just thinking that we wouldn't have this little group to come to and check in. Although at that point we problably wouldn't be struggling with our weight because there wouldn't be alot of food. lol I think it would make for good discussion. What would we miss the most? So enjoy your little business trip. Make good choices because we don't want a stinky result for February. I've got 2 weeks to break even.

    Red Day- Stayed OP 89/100 carbs Exercise rest day

    February goal- 3 glasses of water :( I will make this a habit. I will make this a habit. I will make this a habit.
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,368 Member Member Posts: 2,368 Member
    Good morning everyone! Well, this trip is off to a terrible start: I forgot to check into my Southwest flight yesterday until 6 hours after I could, I ended up in spot B 50 which means I'll probably end up back by the bathroom! lol I've set a remember in my phone for the flight home to check in. ;)

    @theslightedgeforever So, for your bookclub, you each get to choose one book a year? Station Eleven sounds appropriate for you! ;) Sounds like an interesting book and would provoke a lot of discussion. My husband said I should just enjoy myself and start when I get back. I don't know what to do. I think I will eat healthy dinners because I don't want to ask for a seat belt extender on the way back. :(

    February goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 563 Member Member Posts: 563 Member
    @trooworld storm troopers sound fun although I’m not really a Star Wars fan. I tried, I just don’t get the hype. Ack! Sorry about the flight. It must be a short one though right?

    @theslightedgeforever- chocolate cake snob. I get it. I’m a coffee snob. If you ever come to Canada and someone tells you Tim Horton’s is good- it’s not. It’s trash lol. I hope your birthday cake is good! Lol about the fat surprise. I hope you can get back on plan okay…..the book. I always imagine just rifling through people’s houses if everyone disappeared lol. I’m nosy.

    @TeresaW1020 the chili event sounds fun! My brother lives in a very small town and he entered a chili contest in the town fair. It was my bro and like a bunch of little old ladies. Brother won 😊 That sounds like a great Valentine’s Day!

    Well I’m ok. Went over calories Sunday but trying to get on track. Did the stairs yesterday and it was super. Because I do 30 second sprints mixed in with the walking uphill/upstairs, and I was able to add 2 more sprints. I felt so good after.

    Seeing trainer today for lower body workout. Bc my right arm is still not healed I’m focusing on lower body. At least I can still kick a--! Lol

    Going to see some friends Friday, I’m looking forward to it as I haven’t gone out in a few weeks.
  • JoDavo66JoDavo66 Member Posts: 271 Member Member Posts: 271 Member
    @TeresaW1020 sounds like your dog had great time in snow. We've had some flurries here today but accompanied with cold biting winds it was most unpleasant. Good luck with the chilli cook-off, hope it's as good fun as it sounds.

    @its_cleo most UK schools now call their Y11 leavers party a Prom now as the kids see so much of it on TV/movies. They didn't exist when I was at school or when 1st started teaching. My eldest wasn't to keen at 1st but I know she'll regret it if she doesn't go with her friends.
    Take care with the tendonitis & follow your body's lead. It's hard to get balance between working to keep things/get things moving & pushing to improve. I can now overhead press 4kg kettle bell- a year ago I couldn't get into that position. Even now we have to knock the reps down sometimes. Big hugs- you'll get there but I get your frustration.

    I'm currently trying to habit change the sugar cravings- when I'm grabbing a "fibre one" bar or worse- a nibble of something really unhealthy! Starting to substitute with fruit- but I am still craving that chocolatey taste! Must explore other options! Also my sleep goal is way off. I'm trying to get 7 hours- but I'm often too wide awake- problems of a night owl. Working on it!
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member
    @trooworld You can still enjoy yourself without extra food. Food is meant to be enjoyed. Pick things you like and is good for you. Balance in some dessert if that's your thing. Does your hotel have a gym? Your hubby sounds like mine. All or nothing thinking. He has a start/stop mentality instead of just going slowly and enjoying the journey. I beat him in our last challenge. Now we have a month left and my first month was on hold. He's on fire this month with exercise. Yes on the bookclub choices. We have 9 members and we take summers off.

    @its_cleo OK, made a note. If I ever make it to Canada, no Tim Hortons. lol Hmmm. never thought of rifling through people's houses but that would be fun. I think I would have to push around a big shopping cart though. I think not talking to others would be my downfall. I'd end up one of those crazy people. I don't think I'd make a very good survivalist. Yaaaay on your stairs. Woowoo. Now back to lowering the calories a bit. Or looking at it another way, how much processed food vs whole foods do you eat? (I'm reading a book on that subject right now)

    @joannadavison The book I'm reading was talking about fruit today. It said if you want something sweet go for the fruit first and then sugar/sweetener type things second. Because you get more bang for your buck with vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. Plus your taste buds will change after awhile. Chocolatey taste. Being cold right now, I like to put some sugar free Hershey's syrup in some milk and make a nice cup of hot chocolate. Also, one little piece of chocolate like a kiss, Lindt ball, toffee, etc doesn't hurt my carb count for the day. of course if I keep going back but I'm just looking for the taste. So I savor it slowly and enjoy. This lifestyle is forever and I have to find ways to keep me satisfied but still moving forward.

    I did track all my food today but had no particular goal in mind except eating all my favorite foods. Which I did. That's the beauty of celebrating my birth. :D I walked for 30 min. And now back to red days tomorrow. The show must go on.

    February goal-Drink 3 glasses of water. o:)
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 563 Member Member Posts: 563 Member
    @joannadavison for chocolate I've been buying like a lindt bar, with squares and will break one or two off.

    @theslightedgeforever Im glad you had a nice birthday. Yeah I spend too much alone- I hear ya about talking to people. ...processed food. I don't know how would you define it? I eat a lot of meat, eggs, nuts, avocado. Cheese. I do eat bread, rice, and pasta in moderation. I try to eat a lot of fruits and veg. Harder in winter.

    Well over calories again, not junk just my appetite is up. I guess it's pms but I don't understand how I can go 3 months and it's not a problem and then this month I feel like I'm starving to death.

    At least had a good day with trainer yesterday. 5x5 deadlifts 105 lbs. Another max for me. And 100 body weight lunges. Walking lunges. Didn't think I could do it but I did. We'll see how sore I am today!

  • TeresaW1020TeresaW1020 Member Posts: 2,434 Member Member Posts: 2,434 Member
    @its_cleo, wow that is some serious weights for doing deadlifts! I was impressed with myself that I could do it with 12 lb dumbells and think I might up it to 15 lbs. :D As for your calories being up and feeling so hungry what are your macros like? I see where you eat a lot of well balanced foods. You will figure it out! <3

    @theslightedgeforever, happy birthday!! I’m glad that you enjoyed your day. My birthday is in three weeks and I’m trying to decide what I want most. My mom is making me a cake when I go to pick her up at the end of the month, so I can get that craving out of my system. ;)

    @joannadavison, I hear you about craving chocolate. I had gotten in the habit of eating a couple of squares of dark chocolate in the afternoon with my coffee and two weeks ago I stopped by it. I had terrible cravings the first week, but this week has been much better. Now I just enjoy my coffee and some days I might have a few pecans. So, you do need to find a substitute for the chocolate that will work for you. :)

    Good morning! The sun is out today, and I am thrilled to have a small break from all the rain we keep getting. DH and I are going out today to run some errands so having good weather is a bonus. Yesterday the rest of my mom’s furniture arrived for her new room. I sent her some pics and she is excited to move here and fix up her room. I am too but I’m also mindful that in two short weeks DH and I will have to share our space with another person, and we haven’t had to do that in over 10 years. OK, I’m off to workout and get this day started! :)
  • trooworldtrooworld Member Posts: 2,368 Member Member Posts: 2,368 Member
    Good morning everyone! Well, I ended up paying to upgrade my place in boarding so I got on the plane really quickly and off really quickly. It’s really cold here compared to home. As you can see, I ended up bringing my laptop with me!

    @its_cleo I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan myself but they were neat to see. Yeah the flight was short but my anxiety was really high about it so I just paid to get on quicker lol. You are doing really good with your exercising!

    @joannadavison I have trouble with sleep, too, although mine is that I am constantly waking up! :(

    @theslightedgeforever The problem is that this person I am with is really, really pushy. I mean really. Last night at dinner, we split an entree and each had a dessert, fine. I knew she would insist on dessert. But she ordered a dessert wine, Madiera, and she couldn’t drink it all, so she kept pushing and pushing me to drink it. She wouldn’t give up until I drank it. I hate that about her. And she hates to waste food so if she can’t eat all her food, she tries to foist it onto you. I hate that about her. I tell her I’m full and she keeps pushing. Dessert isn’t even my thing. The hotel has a gym but I’ll be far too tired to use it, I am speaking from experience of years past. I’ll just want to come home and pass out. I’ll be on my feet all day long. Plus, I didn’t bring any gym clothes. That’s exactly how my hubby is. That’s kind of nice how your book club does it. I like that. Happy Birthday!!!!! I should have said that first but just realized it’s your birthday lol. You sound like you are feeling better? Yay!!!

    @TeresaW1020 I hope all goes well with your mom moving in. That will definitely be an adjustment but it should be nice as well.

    February goal: track 1 meal a day, go for a walk 1 time a week
  • JoDavo66JoDavo66 Member Posts: 271 Member Member Posts: 271 Member
    @theslightedgeforever & @its_cleo- Tim Hortons!!! My eldest & the rest of Sea Cadets were in there a lot when the did Canada Trip- that's one of the things she's looking fwd to when she goes back in 2021.

    @theslightedgeforever Happy Birthday. I've been using the fibre one cakes & bars OR protein shake/powder in yoghurt but I must re-educate my brain. Those Lindt balls- I hate them- sooooo rich.I think it's because they were in a 'newly pregnant bounty pack' & I ate it while I had hyperemesis- even now the thought make me cringe.
    @its_cleo I can't break off just one square!!! Nooo will power if it's in the house. I have to say I'm really impressed with your number of lunges. My core is getting stronger but I still wobble all over the place with them. My deadlifts is only a few lb!!

    @TeresaW1020 I love dark choc. My DH was bringing me a bar a night at one point (this is about 6 years ago) because of the serotonin levels- I ws rock bottom & he thought he was being helpful. Hoping all goes smoothly with you Mom.

    @trooworld I wake up too!!! Before I taught I worked in drug industry- we had a lot of training courses, conferences & meetings in hotels. It was the 1st time my weight rocketed. So hard when you're away especially with ppl like the colleague you describe. DH calls it sharing the guilt of the calories!

    I've just had good gym session & squeezing in a coffee before I go to pick up girls.
  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member
    @its_cleo I think of processed food as anything that comes in a can, box, package, container. Obviously eggs come in a container but I don't mean those. Something that comes from a factory where they add ingredients, chemicals to the food. I think US is the worst for this. I don't about Canada. I read a book about a lady who had to go to UK for two years on a work assignment and when she got there she first thought, I'm going to starve because they didn't carry all her favorite "diet things". Then she ended up losing weight by eating real food. She was shocked. She said it takes more time food prep wise. I don't know. Let's ask Joanna. I think hormones is the reason you want to eat everything. Well no, because I'm assuming you had a period in the last 3 months. Are you doing more exercise than you were doing back then? So your body needs more energy?

    @teresaw1020 I've still not got my bday gift from my hubby cause I can't decide. I can hear my mom say Then you don't need anything. I told him to keep this gift on pause til I decide. When my mil moved in with me 4 years ago, the beginning was the hardest til everyone got their routines established. But it was the best decision we could have made.

    @trooworld Push back harder. You are a warrior. Enjoy your time. I'd be wanting to hurry home because of the warmer temps there.

    @joannadavison When you go to the states, look around a grocery store and see if US has more processed foods than the UK does. (go read my post to its_cleo) That's a good way to not eat Lindt balls is to associate it with that. lol That's why I like the Lindt balls because one is enough to satisfy me. I won't go scrounging around for more. Now as I'm learning through my reading, what we tell ourselves is very important in this journey. You tell yourself, I can't just break off one square. Remember you said you were working on re-educating your brain? So start with the lesson of I can break off one square and eat it. Or you start with two squares and then later if you want to take it down to one. Whatever is the minimum amount that satisfies the craving and still keeps you in control. Yaaay on your workouts. You still have that little black dress to get into.

    Red Day- Stayed OP 95/100 carbs Exercise-30 min walk

    February goals- Drink 3 glasses of water. o:)
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  • cbabiecbabie Member Posts: 1,000 Member Member Posts: 1,000 Member
    Hello! Yes I am still alive and not sure even where to start here. So I will start by not making any promises I can't keep. My life is still just too unstable for me to promise you or me that I will get on here every day. MY ROUTINE has been totally destroyed by my job and other things. I am a morning person and can't figure out how to change my routine to be an afternoon person. I am on a spiritual fast this week. I am part of a prayer club reading the book Draw a Circle and this week we are fasting. I don't eat until 4pm. So essentially I am fasting from 8- or 9 pm until 4 the next day. I am enjoying this time of fasting and prayer. My job drains have 40sec in between 4 hours is plenty for me. So that being said, I know I won't be getting my treadmill routine yet. I have been trying to take my life back after some things changed here. I am not even close to where I should be, especially at my age and my history. I am not discouraged for the most part, because I know if I get up every day and do my best, that's all I can do right now. As long as I wake up there is room to change and keep tweaking my routine to finally fit what is going on in my life. I can't even read all the post and comment on everyones days. I am just glad to see you all here.

  • theslightedgeforevertheslightedgeforever Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,563 Member
    @cbabie You'll get there. You just have to keep tweaking. Putting yourself first. Setting boundaries. Life waits for no man or woman as they say.

    Yellow Day-Stayed OP 159/164 Exercise-rest day

    February goal- Drink 3 glasses of water :(
  • its_cleoits_cleo Member Posts: 563 Member Member Posts: 563 Member
    Hi @cbabie it’s nice to hear from you. I’m really sorry things are tough right now. Don’t pressure yourself about coming here. We are happy to read and support you any way we can. It sounds like you are motivated to do your best each day to work, take care of your family and yourself, and that is all any of us can do.

    @theslightedgeforever processed foods- I don’t eat a lot. I try to make my own meals, with meat and veggies. I probably use a lot of bottled/canned sauces, so those are processed. I think the next challenge for me would be to move away from those, but partly it’s a time saver. And then I guess I eat crackers, bread, rice, pasta, etc. Would those count as processed?

    I don’t buy any frozen meals or ‘snacks’ anymore. We do have a lot here in Canada but my recollection is in the US you have more choice. So for example we would have 12 flavours/brands of potato chips and the US would have 24 lol. Or whatever the item is. I used to remember that from when I was a kid. My dad would take us on vacation sometimes.

    My appetite/period- I’m assuming that is what got me but it isn’t consistent. So for example last summer I had this problem of the insane appetite, then it stopped in the fall and now it’s back. You know, like with PMS some months it really hits me others it doesn’t. Because my exercise is reasonably stable. But I’ve never really looked at the data re appetite and ovulation/PMS month to month very closely. So I do have it, I just have never really tracked it. So I’m going to start marking in my calorie chart the dates for ovulation/period and see if I watch the next while if I can figure it out. I have the info right now in two separate apps.
    Nice to have a gift on reserve! Nice idea because then when you see the perfect thing you can pick it.

    @joannadavison I hate Tim Horton’s and I hate that people visiting are told to go. Do you know it’s not Canadian? It’s owned by a South American company. And they treat their employees like *kitten*. And their food sucks lol. I could go on and on. If I have to drink cheap coffee I prefer McDonalds. But I drink Starbucks more than anything. …the lunges, eh well I built up to that over time. You know what has helped me more than anything? Stairs. I do a stair workout 100 stepsx5 about once a week. I built up to it slowly. But going up stairs is so good, it has helped me improve so much in other areas.

    @trooworld your colleague sounds terrible. She is basically using you so she can overindulge and not feel bad. It’s like an alcoholic that pressures people to drink with them…jmo.

    @TeresaW1020 sounds like you’re almost ready for your mom. Yeah it will be an adjustment. Do you like your mom? :D It sounds like you have a good relationship with her. I’m sure it will be ok....The deadlifts…well that’s after a couple of years with a trainer. And he really helps me bc I wouldn’t have the confidence without him. Even Tuesday I wasn’t sure, but I trust him and he is like – you can do it, and he watches to make sure I’m safe.

    Oh my- lemme tell you I was sore for two days this week after those workouts lol.

    Happy Valentine's Day all!

  • JoDavo66JoDavo66 Member Posts: 271 Member Member Posts: 271 Member
    @its_cleo & @theslightedgeforever from what I can gather we do have less processed food here. It depends where you shop. We have supermarkets like "Iceland" & "Farm Stores" where everything is cheap, processed, packaged meals & usually frozen. The more mainstream supermarket chains sell both. My Mum tends to buy processed meals for one, her excuse is there's just her but we had a lot of kids processed food. I loved baking so when we married I cooked most meals from scratch & DH got into it too. We might buy some processed sauces or seasoning ready made or packet foods when we go caravan/self-catering but generally we cook from scratch. My sis & other US friends who'ved lived in UK say much more processed in USA.

    @cbabie you can only do what you can do. Being mindful by trying is a good start. "Draw a Circle" sounds interesting. Does your group normally fast or give something up for lent? We do pancakes on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday but as group meets on a Monday we also do them then.

    @its_cleo ah! The stairmaster! 5 mins on that thing kills me after almost an hour of HIT. One of my exercises is using a bench as a step & stepping up & over or step ups. That's a killer but great for glutes. If I ever loose this fat I'll be so toned underneath!!!!! I seriously hope! 🤣🤣🤣

    Had a challenging day today- so much packed in it. So glad it's the weekend. Off to bed early with my kindle. We have a week's school holiday now. I seriously need it!
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