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Sweet tooth remedies?



  • dechowjdechowj Posts: 121Member Member Posts: 121Member Member
    I actually started drinking flavored tea whenever I wanted some kind of candy. My favorites include green chia, Vanilla caramel, lemon lift, and toasted coconut. At first I would add a some sugar to the tea but slowly cut back and now it is sweet enough for me without it.

    Some days though a little good quality chocolate is need. So I just adjust my calories for that day to fit in one serving of chocolate.
  • lilann1961lilann1961 Posts: 102Member Member Posts: 102Member Member
    I do dark chocolate covered almonds (or whatever other nut I find). I try to stay above 60% cocoa. I am also trying to learn how to make my own fruit "leather" (think healthy fruit rollup). You can also purchase them. Though I don't crave sweets often, they absolutely satisfy when I do.
  • springlering62springlering62 Posts: 845Member Member Posts: 845Member Member
    One serving Greek yogurt mixed with about five grams sugar free instant chocolate pudding mix, chilled in the freezer a few minutes, and topped with five grams hagel. Hagel is like super high quality Dutch chocolate sprinkles. It comes in milk, dark and white chocolate. Five grams is more than enough to make you feel like you’re pigging out on a sweet chocolaty treat. The whole thing comes less than 125 calories and is the size and texture of a nice bowl of ice cream. Add a couple drops of sugar free syrup if you like. I have some chocolate peppermint left over from the holidays and it is OMG good mixed in with the yogurt and pudding.

    Their “20 gram” serving is ridiculous, but the Dutch like to slather bread with butter and then pour the hagel on. A little of this stuff goes a long way.

    A box will last you months, even years, at 5 grams a serving. Just put “hagelslag” or “hagel” in the search at amazon.

    Thank me later. No kidding. This stuff is like infinitesimally tiny chocolate heaven. No comparison the the utterly tasteless sprinkles we get in the USA.

  • Nanaluvs2sweatNanaluvs2sweat Posts: 97Member Member Posts: 97Member Member
    I like buying frozen blueberries or strawberries (no added sugar) and I let them sit for an hour to sorta halfway thaw out. So it’s like a bit of a frozen treat for me.
  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 4,967Member Member Posts: 4,967Member Member
    I've made popsicles out of blended and then frozen raspberries and strawberries. Yum, although for me a summer thing.
  • PAPYRUS3PAPYRUS3 Posts: 5,805Member Member Posts: 5,805Member Member
    Cover blueberries entirely with Greek yogurt (a little stevia mixed in or not) and freeze...Really yummy.
  • DecadeDuchessDecadeDuchess Posts: 318Member Member Posts: 318Member Member
    Dum Dum pops because they're minimally caloric {20 ~ 25 calories each, depending upon the package}, most imperatively they take longer to consume than most edibles & thus I feel, like I am consuming more food. Plus there's plenty of flavors, to substitute several varieties of high calorie dessert items with.
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  • katarina005katarina005 Posts: 227Member Member Posts: 227Member Member
    Sometimes when im craving something i eat crackers. It's salty and crunchy and offers some kind of fix, pathetic as it may be
  • katarina005katarina005 Posts: 227Member Member Posts: 227Member Member
    Tootsie roll mini-midgees have 5 calories a piece for a chocolate fix
  • sarabushbysarabushby Posts: 621Member Member Posts: 621Member Member
    I often feel this way after lunch at work and so my alternate is to chew on sugar free mint gum. It tends to stop the chocolate craving 95% of the time. Another good option is peppermint tea.
    I think both are good choices as the taste of mint tends to put me off wanting to eat something else.
  • gremloBBPTgremloBBPT Posts: 48Member Member Posts: 48Member Member
    I don't really have much of a sweet tooth except for when I'm pms'ing.

    Or so I thought. ;) Then I realized I eat something sweet almost every day--fruit, ice cream, dark chocolate, frozen Greek yogurt bars like what Yasso makes. If I go a long time w/o having something like that, then I start to crave sweets like crazy--and the craving is usually for the more potent, high-calorie sweet packages. A piece of fruit wouldn't cut it at that point lol. So I guess my remedy is to make "sweets" part of my regular diet but w/o eating things that are *really* high in sugar. I love brownies and sundaes with caramel topping, for example, but I eat those only rarely bc they're relatively high calorie and don't give me much nutrition. The other stuff that I eat fits fine on a daily basis for me and keeps me from craving brownies. (I find it hard to limit myself to one serving of a brownie--they're so small!--but I'm fine with 1 serving of ice cream.)
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  • nationalvillage3215nationalvillage3215 Posts: 63Member Member Posts: 63Member Member
    No sugar added sweet pickles -0 calories
  • angelexperimentangelexperiment Posts: 1,756Member Member Posts: 1,756Member Member
    Justin’s dark Chocolate pb cups they always s hit that craving I have one or half of one I work into my calories or use on a higher carb days or my free day knowing I will have it just not today helps
  • canthony3505canthony3505 Posts: 34Member Member Posts: 34Member Member
    I'll sometimes have a piece of dark chocolate. It's not so sweet and it also has a decent amount of caffeine. It perks me up after lunch.
  • midlomel1971midlomel1971 Posts: 1,203Member Member Posts: 1,203Member Member
    The 60 calorie sugar free Jello Puddings hit the spot with me.
  • AntiopelleAntiopelle Posts: 425Member Member Posts: 425Member Member
    I eat a small Belgian chocolate every evening. An individually wrapped portion is 10gr and 55 kcal. I break up the square in 16 pieces (4*4) and that gets me through an episode of whatever series before going to bed. The 70% is so intense in flavour, it lingers for quite some time.
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