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    Thank you for the very quick responses thus far. I will get my "official" letter to sign once my drug test and background check come back (drug test results should be available Monday, if not Tuesday. Background check said 3-5 days when I looked at it about 2pm) so I won't say a word until I sign the official offer letter. I'm definitely not giving any kind of notice until I know I'm in this new job for sure and I certainly don't want to burn any bridges regardless.

    The company I'm at is absolutely amazing but the offer is even better than what my current company could possibly give. If I didn't want to move to Texas so badly (for YEARS I've wanted to be in Texas, not just since BF moved -- that was just a motivation to try applying there again) and this offer wasn't THAT much better, I wouldn't be leaving because I love my job, the people I work with, and I have a pretty amazing boss. Definitely want to do right by them as much as I possibly can without screwing myself over. It's a fine line I'm walking right now between looking after myself and trying to be kind and courteous to them simultaneously. My coworker put her notice in today (as she leaves for her wedding/honeymoon on Tuesday) but she has a different boss/different department. She's in plant engineering, I'm a unicorn (I belong to the plant, but I report through central engineering so I kinda sorta report to 3 people, though only 1 is my "official" boss and the other 2 just assist my boss in performance monitoring). Hard to say what my boss' reaction would be...
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    @cpanus - how did the hip surgery class go ?
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    @MomLarisa - Happy birthday, hope you have a wonderful day xx :)
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    @CamandJarvis - I took early retirement a few years ago and had to give 4 months notice, I worked right up to the agreed date of finishing. In my 39 years experiance of working in the Civil Service unless there is reason to believe that the person handing in their notice has given any worry that they will **** up and leave a mess for colleagues to clear up or an embarrisment then the person is always allowed to work their notice. I am positvely sure that your boss will not only want you to work up to your end date but also work on a hand over plan too.
    Also I, as others, I would urge you not to hand in your notice until you have the written offer, I have known people who have been left without a job when the verbal offer did not come to fruition. Employers expect prospective employees to have to work their notice. You also have those few days of holiday to help extend that 8-9 days to 14 days.
    If you have a good relationship with your boss, you could even verbally tell him that there is a likelyhood of you handing in your notice on return from vacation, that will give hime the chance to make plans to start to replace you, I agree it's good to keep on his good side - you might need a good reference in the future, you never know. Hope I've helped. What ever you decide to do, I hope it goes well for you x.
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