Favorite Go-To Spice Blend Right Now

ladyzherra Posts: 439 Member
I often have a selection of spices on my stove, and the selection often changes.

What is your current throw-together mix of spices right now?


  • ladyzherra
    ladyzherra Posts: 439 Member
    Currently, I love to throw together smoked paprika, cumin, and garlic powder!
  • acpgee
    acpgee Posts: 6,653 Member
    Muối Hồng Tiêu Phú Quốc. Dragged it home from last vacation in Vietnam.
  • acpgee
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    This is a little more work but a brilliant seasoning mix to sprinkle on curries.

    Mix together 50g white sugar, and a teaspoon each of salt, cardamon seeds, chilli flakes. Spread on a silicon baking sheet or a cookie sheet covered with silicon baking paper and bake at 200C for a few minutes until the sugar caramelizes. When cool enough to handle peel off the silicon, allow to harden and then crush to a rough powder in a food processor.
  • maureenkhilde
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    Dean Jacobs Tuscany Bread Dipping mix, in a grinder bottle. I grind up and use in all sorts of dishes. Order via Amazon.
  • mjbnj0001
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    I have a pretty extensive shelf of herbs and spices. This week, I made turkey tacos with my own blend. Last evening, herb-baked chicken with my "poultry blend," but this winter I've been using for both poultry and fish Mrs. Dash Lemon-Pepper (with augments). Just a rut I'm in.
  • missysippy930
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    Sounds weird, but I’m on a kick of using pepper flakes and dried dill. Finishing with flake sea salt.
  • mjbnj0001
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    just_Tomek wrote: »

    my daughter in ottawa uses that
  • Katmary71
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    Of spices I use together smoked paprika, garlic powder, and Himalayan salt on popcorn. I use a pumpkin spice blend in oatmeal every day. I have a bunch of spice blends between Penzey's and Trader Joe's, my favorite is Fox Point which has garlic, shallots, salt, and a few other things. Mural of Flavor and Arizona Dreaming are great too. Trader Joe's favorite is 21 Seasoning Salute.
  • Armygirlarmyof1
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    I've been using the Mrs Dash seasonings because of hbp. But I love paprika, lemon pepper, and white pepper.
  • asthesoapturns
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    I have a blend I made for blackened cod and a creole blend I come back to all the time. They're really quite similar, the blackened mix has more paprika.
  • hesn92
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    Salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and smoked paprika. I season chicken with this usually to use in pastas and stuff like that.
  • MrsSylvie
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    i cheat and use a bottle of adobo all-purpose seasoning (a salt, garlic, oregano and turmeric mix) and Himalayan salt and black peppercorn in grinders. pretty much use these 95% of the time.. buy my golden milk spices premix too now.
  • MinTheKitCat
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    Sumac, Tj chili lime or everything but the bagel, za’tar, Thai kitchen curry paste, and creole or Cajun seasonings
    Not a blend, but nutritional yeast and hot sauce with salt and pepper is amazing on popcorn or savory oats 😊
  • ncapulong2465
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    Montreal Chicken Spice!
  • MaltedTea
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    Montreal Chicken Spice!

    Love the shout out to Montreal! ⚜️

    I'm currently into zatar, most any furikake flavour and PC Blue Menu's Sun-dried Tomato & Herb seasoning blend (which happens to be sodium-free)
  • Evamutt
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    currently I like mixing in the veggie garden cream cheese with many things, overall I like to use garlic powder and this "everything" spice I found
  • Aylaaaaaaa
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    My all time favourite is Moroccan, I'm currently iut and need to make some more so I've been using Cajun
  • mandyedwards101
    mandyedwards101 Posts: 6 Member
    Salt and pepper chips seasoning from home and bargains! Great on chips/chicken/roast chick peas!