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  • mnalsa83mnalsa83 Member, Premium Posts: 172 Member Member, Premium Posts: 172 Member
    @PatriceFitnessPal I am so jealous of your family dynamics. I’ve tried the mom cooks, someone else clean up… My oldest will occasionally help out but my youngest rushes through the process that the dishes need rewashed again and my hubby says he’ll do them, but they sit in the sink until I get around to it. (mainly because his mom used to come up every day and do the dishes for him, so we joked that he had a dish fairy) MOM = Maid.

    BTW, CONGRATS on the loss. That’s the motivation to keep going!

    @jvando74 With Easter weekend approaching & not being able to be with family, we’ve decided we are just going to treat it as any other day (except for the baskets).
    There’s not a lot of sweets in that aspect. Ever since my girls were young, the Easter Bunny brought them fruit and new swimsuits or summer fun stuff & a chocolate bunny. (the sweets / treats were left up to the grand/great grandparents and aunts/uncles, so to this day they don’t expect the baskets to be full of sweets when they get up).

    Tonight was family movie and pizza night. We watched Trolls World Tour (cute movie). I originally had my day planned, but if anyone saw my post earlier on my page, my husband took my meals that I planned for myself instead of the ones I planned for him. So I had to rearrange my meals to fit in the pizza that was planned. It worked out and I am still in the green… to have a desert or not. Hmmm….

    On a positive note, my toe is doing better today. More active range of motion and I was able to do my routine, minus the lunges (didn't’ want to stress the toe with push off).
  • PatriceFitnessPalPatriceFitnessPal Member Posts: 324 Member Member Posts: 324 Member
    Excellent ideas for planning ahead and managing expectations! I had a margarita with dinner tonight and managed to keep my calories within my 1200 daily goal ... with 8 calories to spare in case I want to eat two kernels of popcorn with tonight’s family movie! 😀 Enjoy the weekend if you are not planning to track the next couple of days. I’ll check in each day so let me know how things are going ...
  • jjkh5970jjkh5970 Member Posts: 425 Member Member Posts: 425 Member
    Interested if there is a group started! Add me!
  • jvando74jvando74 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    Ohhhhh nooooooo! My husband bought chocolate covered almonds...and a chocolate bar! Ahhhhhhh!😱😱😱 Is he trying to sabotage me??? I’m doing really well today. 425 calories under AND I had half a beer with dinner. If I open those almonds I’m done. I can’t stop once I’ve started. I can’t. I’ve tried. Sigh. Okay. I’m gonna try not to open them. Maybe I can have half the chocolate bar and still stay under calories. Unbelievable.

    Welcome @jjkh5970! The struggle is real. 😜
  • CerizezCerizez Member Posts: 134 Member Member Posts: 134 Member
    For the peeps who are trying to not eat in the evenings/nights, would it help to tell yourself that you're 'intermittent fasting'? Maybe following a 12/12 intermittent fasting plan? ie, fasting from 8pm until 8am? It might be easier to follow something 'active', such as actively following an IF plan, rather than trying to NOT do something?

    Reading about the benefits of IF might help make this stick.

    For me - my red/green accountability charts are working!! I award myself a 'green' day if I only eat sedentary calories and don't eat any exercise calories. Finally, yesterday, I was able to color in a green day.

    Hope you're all doing well.
  • CerizezCerizez Member Posts: 134 Member Member Posts: 134 Member
    might help someone:

    This is a brief Ted Talk which explains how we can grow new brain neurons as adults (ie, reverse the natural pattern of aging) and live longer by exercise and low-calories.

    I find that focusing on weightloss solely for appearance doesn't motivate me enough to put down the cheese & chips; but reminding myself that avoiding them will improve my memory and brain-power does help me.
  • kiay131982kiay131982 Member Posts: 203 Member Member Posts: 203 Member
    Morning all (from here in the UK anyhow! :))
    So today was my first weigh in since I refocussed and started over (because lets be real, its not the first week in my journey - thats been going on for years). Im gonna name this attempt Project Infinity... Coz hopefully I will keep it up forever :)
    Anyway... I lost 5lb so thats a great start (I know it happens like that at the start) but it does mean only 3lb to go to reach my first mini target so that feels super acheivable!!

    I have Doms from my weights session yesterday... I absolutely love Doms! Makes me feel like Ive worked hard! Today is a run day so I will do that later :)

    How is everyone?
  • As_veAs_ve Member Posts: 19 Member Member Posts: 19 Member
    @Cerizez I do intermittent fasting and it makes me more aware about what I am putting into my body. Are you giving it a try as well? :) I usually eat between 12:00 and 20:00. I don't need to have breakfast because I have a not very active desk job.

    That being said, yesterday didn't go very well. I didn't feel well, had a headache and I seemed to have no energy left. So I rather focused on making myself feel better: I went for my usual walk and then afterwards I went straight to the couch to watch something on Netflix. Even though I had already completed my food diary, I actually ate quite a bit of calories. I didn't log them because I wasn't ready to be honest with myself. :blush: I had 180 grams of Stracciatella yoghurt (230 cal), ice tea zero (5 cal), Strongbow apple cider (172 cal), salted and roasted cashews (at least 350 cal or more). I feel bad about it, though it often happens to me that after 6 days of being good, I eat too much on the 7th day.

    I am already happy that this morning I went for a run and I wasn't totally demotivated due to yesterday's life choices. If someone has any advice or tricks on how to stop sabotaging myself, I would love to hear it.
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  • mnalsa83mnalsa83 Member, Premium Posts: 172 Member Member, Premium Posts: 172 Member
    Good Morning everyone!

    Today seems to be a better weather day. I woke up to sunshine and the wind doesn’t seem to be knocking trees over. The past 2 days the wind had been violent. At one point I was debating on if I had to head to the inner stairwell at the office, it was so strong.

    Hoping to get outside to get some much needed yard work and garage clean out done.

    @PatriceFitnessPal LOL… I tried making popcorn this afternoon for a snack… I think the popcorn button on my microwave at work is broken. It burnt half the bag. I have an air popper at home, so I don’t have that issue… except when I underestimate home much of the kernel I put in and my kitchen looks like a popcorn-a-palooza.

    @jjkh5970 welcome!

    @jvando74 … men! They just don’t get it. BUT YOU HAVE STRENGTH and you have us. Don’t give in…. Or if he opens them… divide out serving portions that will fit your style and just indulge in those (1 at a time).

    @Cerizez … I kinda do that. I have only coffee in the morning and my first meal will depend on my hunger cues. Sometimes it’s at 11 other times it’s at 1… my evening “binges” aren't all the time… I really think they are hormonal related. Stress, Mother Nature, Life and also sleep related. If I head to bed by 9/9:30 I am good, but if I stay up with my hubby to spend time with him, I tend to have an urge.

    @Astrid_Vervoort You are at least honest with yourself that the reason you didn’t log was because you weren’t ready to see it in writing. We all have those binges (see above). I try to listen to my hunger cues… after yo-yo dieting of WW, Keto, Atkins, etc… I started reading up on intuitive eating. Nothing is off limits… (like my pizza last night) and you to start with small weekly changes … such as starting with making healthier breakfast choices for the week, then moving to the next meal, rather than all at once. And focus on hunger cues… this is where I am focusing more on now… eating until you're 80% satisfied, eating slow, waiting at least 40 minutes afterwards to really decide if you are hungry or just bored. I tell myself if I am still really hungry, I’ll eat an apple… if I don’t want the apple, then I’m not hungry, I’m bored, find something to do.

    Hope everyone gets a great start to their weekend!

  • Kathryn78RockdaleKathryn78Rockdale Member Posts: 9 Member Member Posts: 9 Member
    Hi all
    I need to loose 40kg not sure what that is in pounds.
    I need an accountability buddy.
    Please add me to this group or as a friend so I can check in daily.
  • CatieMay123CatieMay123 Member Posts: 26 Member Member Posts: 26 Member
    @TerryKollerKaeding - Meal planning sounds challenging, especially with everything else you’re juggling! We have some varying dietary preferences in our house, too. My husband is eating a high protein/low carb diet, one son (19) is vegetarian and the other (18) is vegan. I focus on the common denominator - vegetables - and then build from there. My younger son was quite the meat lover a year ago and then he watched the ‘Game Changer’ documentary on Netflix and adopted a plant-based diet overnight. Now, my diet is mainly plant-based but I sometimes eat fish or meat, and I’ve only reduced dairy (not eliminated). I probably need a little bit more protein (and fewer carbs) so I’ve been adding some chia seeds, nuts, and legumes.

    Since the ‘stay at home’ period we’ve set up a nice system of sharing the cooking. I pair up with one son, the other son, and then my husband, for a total of three nights of cooking. So, we enjoy one-on-one time and then all eat together. Tonight, the two boys were in charge (which often means leftover night! 😀) and they cooked veggie burgers. There are four of us so the pairs rotate cooking and the other pair cleans up. Since one son is in college now and the other one will be entering in the Fall (if not still delayed) so they are honing some independent living skills! For me, the worst part of meal planning is figuring out what to eat so this new structure has reduced that burden considerably. Maybe they’ll get tired of the same old dinners, too, but we haven’t resorted to a box of girl scout cookies, yet. @jvando74 - I don’t know how you stopped at three!! Good for you!! I don’t know if girls scout cookies are ‘a thing’ in the UK or Belgium but I try to keep them out of sight like @Astrid_Vervoort ‘s chocolate waffles!

    Your description of running (@jvando74?) reminded me how I love it ... once I put on my sneakers (running shoes). It’s been so hard to get past that first step BUT I think you might have described it just right ... I’m motivated now. The running vibe and the impressive weight loss numbers are nudging me to do better. I’ve been losing a steady one pound per week but had plateaued for one week. I’ll take the good advice you all gave @Cerizez and mix it up! Thanks @LJRS2019, @CatieMay123 and other ‘accountability buddies.’ I’ve lost 10 pounds (4.5 kilo) as of yesterday and now I’m ready to push forward by getting serious about a new exercise routine!! Enjoy and let us know how you’re doing ...

    Reminder: My short-term goal is to lose 7 pounds by the end of May (from 153 to 146) so I’ll be out of the overweight category in in the normal range.

    Awesome job! Thank you everyone for the inspiration. I haven’t checked in in a couple days. I’m just over one week into my Beachbody program and as of this morning I’ve gained weight. Very discouraging. These workouts are extremely difficult, and I’m sore for days after. I doubt I could gain muscle mass this fast but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’m not eating enough. I’ve been eating around 1300 calories and about an hour of strength training plus a 2-3 mile walk. I’m eating a lot of protein and staying low on carbs for the most part. This is the most effort I have ever put into losing weight and the scale is truly shutting down my motivation. I have thyroid issues and am thinking my medication may need to be adjusted again. Or maybe that’s just me being hopeful for an explanation. I’ll find out next week.
  • jvando74jvando74 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    @CatieMay123 Don’t be discouraged! The scale is often not our friend and makes us feel crazy or bad, which is why I got rid of mine years ago! My senior year in college I would jump on the scale 6 times a day and beat myself up every time. Crazy! Maybe try taking your measurements (biceps, waist, hips, bust, etc.) and check in with those? Could be in addition to scale. You can gain muscle fast! Especially core. Maybe the measurements + scale would give a more complete picture of your fitness journey? Make it a *fitness* journey and not weight loss. I never think the goal should be to be skinny or thin, but rather fit and strong. Does your body do what you need it to do (Beach Body, run, have fun with partner, lift groceries, babies, walk get the idea)? Don’t be down—you’ve got this! Your actions show you are doing the right things, don’t fret about then scale. 💕

    @Astrid_Vervoort It’s okay, you’re okay. I blew it big time last night too. Just let it wash away and start new today. Today’s goals for me are 1) go to bed by 11pm, 2) be under calories by 300 for the day. I’m going to think of you for inspiration. When you go to eat/drink those extras think of me. Think of telling me you’re going to go over calories. Imagine me saying, “No way! You don’t need it, it’s not worth it, think how great you’ll feel if you don’t!” Im going to imagine you saying the same thing to me. 😊 One thing that works for me (id I can make myself do it) is to get off of the couch and do a bit of quick exercise. Some crunch’s, jumping jacks, just something to get your heart rate up and break the couch spell. Helps remind you of your goal. Give it a try!

    Welcome @Kathryn78Rockdale! Where are you located?

    Good luck this weekend everyone! And happy Easter to those who celebrate it.
  • CatieMay123CatieMay123 Member Posts: 26 Member Member Posts: 26 Member
    @jvando74 thank you! I’m definitely guilty of relying on the scale. I weigh myself every day, even though I know there is no sense to it. I will start comparing measurements in addition and hopefully that will give me some motivation. I’m already feeling stronger than last week, and that’s a good feeling!
  • mnalsa83mnalsa83 Member, Premium Posts: 172 Member Member, Premium Posts: 172 Member
    @CatieMay123 Jvando is right. Start looking at this as a journey. Muscle and fat actually weigh the same, but take up different space / volume. Instead of weighing in daily (which we tend to see the negative slow loss or gain & beat up ourselves, than acknowledge the over all picture), start taking notice in the way you feel... do you have more energy for the day, are you moving better, are you just overall in better spirits and take notice in the way your clothes are fitting. It won't happen over night, but you have to look at the whole picture, not just the numbers. And you are right... BOD is a killer!

    @Kathryn78Rockdale Welcome. :)
  • CerizezCerizez Member Posts: 134 Member Member Posts: 134 Member
    In case anyone hasn’t seen a comparison between fat and muscle:
  • LJRS2019LJRS2019 Member Posts: 66 Member Member Posts: 66 Member
    Hi Everyone,
    Hope you are all having an enjoyable Easter and hopefully have some chocolate! I have a massive reeces Pieces Easter egg that I am allocating 1/3 of calories to today.. Very excited for that!

    Day 10 for me and seeing more scale movement which is pleasing. This is working and on the whole seems to be something I can do on the longer term. Feel like I have a long way to go though, i want to consider my nutrition and muscle mass but at the moment there isn't any head space to deal with that. I know my weight loss has muscle loss in there too but I have to take everything once step at a time.

    I appear to have met my 5% bodyweight goal which I was expecting to take me a month has actually taken 10 days. When my official weigh in hits il be able to see exactly. Ideally I want to be able to work out what my intake needs to be to lose 1lb a week. I don't want to be emotional about this. I want science and logic to dictate each of my actions. To me logically I know that if my calorie target IS making me lose a lot of weight quickly then considering my overall goal is to be lean and strong, I need to up the cals and protein and start resistance training which has a progressive overload element. My gym is shut and I know nothing about bodyweight exercise!

    Lots to learn and lots to apply. Lots to achieve!

    How are you all doing?
  • PatriceFitnessPalPatriceFitnessPal Member Posts: 324 Member Member Posts: 324 Member
    There is so much good advice here, and I appreciate the tips! I went running and played some outdoor games with my family yesterday. I started to post a lot of direct replies but I got interrupted and, then, I didn’t finish. I liked the reminder about not getting overly focused on the daily scale numbers and waiting a bit longer between weigh-in dates @jvando74 @mnalsa83

    A week or two ago, the scale number wasn’t budging and then I dropped two pounds the following week. After steady one-pound-per week drops, the two-week stall was disappointing but I just reminded myself that it took some time to gain so it will take some time to lose (even though I can certainly eat 200 calories more easily than burn them! 😊). The immediate gratification of seeing the scale numbers dropping can quickly turn to a negative spiral downward if we don’t take the time to be mindful and tune into other positive effects ... whether it’s higher energy levels, clothes fitting better or just an overall sense of accomplishment in making healthy decisions.

    Today, I’ll try to get out for a short run, just long enough to break even if I have some type of sweet. I made some apple turnovers and an apple pie so there would be a somewhat healthy alternative to worse options, but I might have a little chocolate. I really should have more of a plan, but I’m still undecided so I’ll see how it goes. I’ll think of you all to help make an informed choice and I’ll report back later.

    It’s great to hear about everyone’s goals and progress ... @Kathryn78Rockdale Do you have some short-term goals you’re working to achieve? We’re all in different places but the common denominator is that we are here to help each other succeed. Keep up the good work @CatieMay123 @LJRS2019 @Astrid_Vervoort ... and keep all the great information coming @Cerizez and others!

    Enjoy your day!
  • chipsjainchipsjain Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    I would like an accountability buddy too!!
  • goingapegoingape Member Posts: 436 Member Member Posts: 436 Member
    Hello from Canada! 🇨🇦 I’m a newbie to your group and this seems like a fantastic group of ladies!!

    I’ve just started up mfp (again) last week; this covid 19 business seems like a good time to refocus energies on family and self, getting my weight loss back on track. And it helps that spring has sprung here!

    I’m a 42 year old mom. Three teenage boys. Currently working from home. Last week had a loss of 3 pounds. Current plan is intermittent fasting with eating from noon to eight pm. Biggest help is my constant water drinking and keeping to 1200 cals a day. I’ve also been using down time to work on organizing different spots in the home. Right now I’m doing the basement storage space.

    I’ve been walking my dog to get back into an exercise habit. Today I did the map my walk and realized I’m not getting much distance in so plan to extend the route tomorrow and see where that takes me.

    I’m 5’ 1 so a legit shortie. Long term goal is the 130’s range. Short term goal is onderland, 11 pounds away!!

    Thankful for habing buddies on this journey !
  • kiay131982kiay131982 Member Posts: 203 Member Member Posts: 203 Member
    Its rest day for me today - although I will still do a dog walk to get my steps in. Does anyone else have a workout plan?
    Mine is..
    Monday - run day (used to do between 5 and 10k so working back up to that)

    Tuesday - strength day. Before lockdown this was a class in my gym but now its an online one.

    Wednesday - again before lockdown it was an aerial class, now its online yoga and flexibility

    Thursday - run day

    Friday - personal trainer day.. We are doing this with zoom now. Ive been seeing my PT since September.

    Saturday- run day

    Sunday - rest day.

    I try to get in my steps everyday regardless :)
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