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Question for super morbidly obese..

runzfromzombiesrunzfromzombies Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
I've got so much weight to lose, even the little I do is super discouraging because I never see any change. When you started seeing change, what did you notice?


  • The_WallflowerThe_Wallflower Member Posts: 111 Member Member Posts: 111 Member
    I went from 355lbs to 130lb. (Now sitting around 155lbs) I never mentally saw it. Physically, when I hit the first 50lbs lost I could tell in pics and clothing, but I had to MAKE myself really see. It’s such a mental game sometimes.
  • PAV8888PAV8888 Member Posts: 8,932 Member Member Posts: 8,932 Member
    Our brains do not always reflect reality.
    Our brains do need time to catch up to changes (and so do our bodies and our physiological processes).

    In the pre-COVID19 days, the first time an idiot tried to move through the same doorway I was occupying I stood there with my jaw dropping at his rude idiocy! And ended up with my jaw almost hitting the floor when he "made" it past me without even a "sorry" OR a collision!

    It took more than 6 months for me to stop staring at my second pant leg wondering why I expected to fit in there. And probably a good year before I stopped having the occasional urge to do so.

    While I do not have a problem seeing the difference between 125lbs and six+ years ago as compared to today, seeing an isolated picture ~13-15 lbs and four years ago doesn't seem any different as compared to what I see in the mirror today... not unless I add a picture from today and stick them side by side.
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  • ruqayyahsmumruqayyahsmum Member Posts: 1,490 Member Member Posts: 1,490 Member
    Oh and if you have a reliable friend ask them to be honest about your clothing

    I had a UK size 32 dress that I adored, from the front it looked good even 5 stone down, I wore it alot in public..... Until a woman collared me and asked did I know its bagging open at the back and everything's on show 🤦🏻‍♀️

    I tried on all my clothes then and had to do a two mirror set up and half of them had the same problem, my friends just shrugged when I asked how come no one said anything
  • yirarayirara Member Posts: 6,733 Member Member Posts: 6,733 Member
    I only lost about 37lbs, but never really saw it because in my mind I was never really overweight. It's just how my fat is distributed: bum, hips and thighs mainly. My tummy was always fairly slim and my very present pelvis bones and collar bones poking out. I only noticed that something was happening when I went to the loo with my phone, and I put it on my lap to reach for the paper *splash!* :o:s
  • xX_PhoenixRising_XxxX_PhoenixRising_Xx Member Posts: 626 Member Member Posts: 626 Member
    I went from 150kg down to 75kg, and it took me a long time to be able to see any changes. My brain always saw the fattest version of me even when I wasn't.

    The little changes that I could see were things like collarbones appearing, and clothes getting looser - pants falling down etc, but it took a long time to get an accurate impression in my head of my true size. I would catch sight of my reflection and not recognize myself, or see a photo and not know it was me.

    Even now I have gained some (not all) of the weight back and I look at photos of me at my lowest weight and I don't recognize the body that I had then - I thought I was so much bigger than the photos show, and I was that size in maintenance for a good 3 years or so.

    I've kind of come to the conclusion that I'm not going to play head games with myself. I take up the space I take up, and I am losing weight again to get back to a healthy weight range. It will be kind of nice when some of my smaller clothes fit me again though.
  • subject129subject129 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    I haven't been on here very long, I tracked with atkins at first, but then it wouldn't let me change my goal & I've been plateaued for a while. For me I sometimes still don't notice. The people I live with do, they're still obese, I really only feel tiny when I see them eat what I used to eat & I can only manage one third of what they do. I noticed it when my chiropractor who I'd had since I was 10, started calling me little. Without other people I don't really notice it, because I'm not where I want to be yet. In order for me to feel proud & notice, I have to look back to where I once was, see how much my face has changed. I even dropped a shoe size & I can no longer shop at the stores I used to have to shop at. Clothes I noticed, & they're still what drive me forward to my goal. 58emqbff3nzq.jpg
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