Less Alcohol - APRIL 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • shorepine
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    Hello everyone, been a few days since I checked in. I drank over the weekend but it felt manageable and enjoyable so I'm okay with it.

    I can't believe that it is still only April. I want to have at least 20 AF days this month, so I've got to hunker down on that since there are only 10 days left (including today). I don't plan to have any midweek drinks this week, will wait until the weekend again.

    Apr 1: AF
    Apr 2: AF
    Apr 3: 3 drinks
    Apr 4: AF
    Apr 5: 3 drinks
    Apr 6: AF
    Apr 7: AF
    Apr 8: 2 drinks
    Apr 9: AF
    Apr 10: 2 drinks
    Apr 11: 1 drink
    Apr 12: drank 1.5 bottles of sparkling wine over the course of the day
    Apr 13: AF
    Apr 14: AF
    Apr 15: AF
    Apr 16: AF
    Apr 17: 1/2 bottle of wine
    Apr 18: 1/2 bottle of wine w dinner, 2 cocktails (board game night with husband)
    Apr 19: AF
    Apr 20: AF

    So far in April: 12/20 days AF
  • helen_goldthorpe
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    1 - AF
    2 - AF
    3 - 3 glasses of wine on 2 different 'virtual pub' video calls
    4 - AF
    5 - 1 glass wine
    6 - AF
    7 - AF
    8 - AF
    9 - AF
    10 - beer and wine. Virtual pub.
    11 - beer in the sun in the garden after my bike ride.
    12 - AF
    13 - wine and beer at Street lockdown festival
    14 - AF
    15 - AF
    16 - AF
    17 - 1/2 bottle of wine
    18 - AF
    19 - AF
    20 - AF
    21 - AF

    15/21 AF
  • dawnbgethealthy
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    edited April 2020
    As usual, I am going to try for 16-20 AF days for the month.
    I had 18AF days for January
    I had a surprising (and record setting for me) 21AF days for the short month of February!
    18AF days for March
    Onward to April : - )

    Wednesday April 01 - AF
    Thursday April 02 - AF - Felt like having drinks, but really determined to get back to at least 2AF days in between.
    Friday April 03 - AF because I have a webinar in the morning that I want to be sharp for. Planned wine with a friend for her birthday - yes, we will stay 2 metres apart and likely outside.
    Saturday April 04 - Drinks
    Sunday April 05 - AF
    Monday April 06 - AF
    Tuesday April 07 - AF - My Tuesdays have changed, no longer working my tail off and stressed out for the first Tuesday "off". Normally my drinks day. I am really battling to get off the March weight gain, and I know that being more AF helps.
    Wednesday April 08 - 3 drinks
    Thursday April 09 - AF - I need to be AF again tomorrow so as to have at least 2AF days in between. It has been warm and beautiful here, but it is supposed to drop drastically for a week starting Saturday with more snow. I have done work in the garden hoping to get planting soon, but apparently I need to wait.
    Friday April 10 - 3 drinks, broke my own rule of always 2AF days in a row. Just didn't have the willpower today I guess.
    Saturday April 11 - AF
    Sunday April 12 - AF
    Monday April 13 - AF
    Tuesday April 14 - AF - Tuesdays no longer stress me out because I don't go out to work anymore. I have time to work out more, prepare healthy food, get out on the trails everyday. I do work on my little Amazon business at home and have a learning seminar tomorrow morning early, so AF tonight so that I hopefully absorb a bunch.
    Wednesday April 15 - AF - Planned drinks tomorrow. Hey, that was 5 AF days in a row!!
    Thursday April 16 - 3 drinks
    Friday April 17 - AF - Woke up 2 pounds heavier from having drinks. All the more reason to have lots of AF days. Having said that, I am invited for wine and cheese tomorrow afternoon on my friend's patio where we can stay 6 feet away easily. We'll see. I work very very hard at losing weight and really know that the less alcohol days the better for that.
    Saturday April 18 - AF - It was rainy and grey today, so no sitting out on my friend's deck. Tomorrow will be AF also because I have joined a weight challenge that weighs Mondays, so that is my short term motivation to not drink on Sunday. (I seem to gain like 2 pounds the morning after drinking for some reason)
    Sunday April 19 - Drinks on my friend's patio in the hot sun after turning over and weeding 2/3 of my snap pea area.
    Monday April 20 - AF - Finished the Snap Pea area, very hard work with a shovel, lots of bending, squatting, lunging. I would have enjoyed a drink (or 3), but need 2 AF days in a row at least, so tomorrow too.
    Tuesday April 21 - AF - Another afternoon digging in the garden, I really wanted a couple of drinks after that, but I have a learning Webinar tomorrow, and one the next day so I didn't, plus I wanted my 2AF days in a row. Hit the bottom half of my monthly goal today : - )

    16AF days out of 21 days so far