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Hi i am new to the group and this recently been reading and hearing others talk about IF I myself am wanting to learn more as how was it getting statrted ? I was reading you need to take 3 Tbsp of salt every moring and was wondering on why ?so many questions I have but during the reserch Thanks for allowing me to join the group can not wait to hear about others who on this journey with me on living a healthy life style and for me it alo losing the weight lol


  • lpina2mi
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    oh my gosh--3Tb of salt???? I do supplement with himalyan salt (1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon daily) but this is more due because I am on the lower end of the net carb macros (60-90g/dy).

    When I got started with IF I tuned into Dr Jason Fung's videos on You-Tube for basic information. Fung now does a IMF-Keto.

    I am not doing Keto, because fat loading does not work for me as a forever plan. I am working on refining my forever plan that results in weight loss now and optimal health going forward.

    I am more of a clean-eating, vegetarian on a 16:8wkends/18:6wkdays IMF schedule (skip breakfast only black coffee before first meal, which is between noon and 2p; last meal on week days is between 5-7p, last meal on wkends is between 6-8p.

    Not eating in the morning was easy for me, since I was not a breakfast eater and both exercise and coffee are appetite suppressants. Not eating before bed was more of challenge. Psychologically, I needed to reprocess that empty stomach feeling into a victory sign and not a hunger sign. Drinking plain tea after dinner has also been a useful transition for me. Psychologically it says I am done eating. It also helps me meet my hydration goals.

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    Never heard about the salt before. Good luck on the plan😃😃
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    I’ve used a few pieces of pink salt when I’ve needed it, but 3T seems like a lot. I have found that a magnesium supplement has done wonders for me as far as sleeping and hunger at night.
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    @Luckee_me can ask which magnesium supplement you use?