Chair Exercise

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Hello. I am new to this. I would like to know where to go for good chair exercises on the internet. I would also like to know where to add this to my journal


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    wheelchair? or regular chair?
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    Hi! A friend told me about your post, I'm injured right now and have been doing chair exercises the last few weeks. A couple instructors are annoying so I've started blasting music and muting them but I've also done most more than once. Here's my main playlist, KymNonStop is my favorite and has the more challenging workouts. Edited to add that I didn't post this video twice, the first is a playlist of a bunch of videos I've tried or will do soon.

    My favorite are boxing videos, again KymNonStop is my fav.

    Arm cardio only (I've done these so many times my arms are going to fall off:

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    Check your local library too. There are a couple different series to look for - Sit to Be Fit and Chair Dancing.
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    I like Senior Fitness with Meredith:

    Chair Workouts:

    Lucy Wyndham-Read also has chair workouts that I like: (she has a lot of videos so you'd have to search for them)

    You can also try searching "chair workouts" in Youtube. Lots of options show up. :)

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    I have an ankle injury and have come to rely on YouTube videos to help me get some cardio workouts. Here are a couple that I've found that keep the pressure off my foot but make me feel that I've done something challenging:

    I also appreciate everyone who has posted above! I'll be checking those out as well.
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    I too use Senior Fitness with Meredith. Her exercises incorporate yoga and other disciplines I’ve used in physical therapy for spinal stenosis. She’s helped me with stiffness, flexibility, core strength, and balance.

    She has so many videos you can build routines and work difference different days.

    Now if I could only figure out how to set them up in this app.

    “Senior Fitness with Meredith: