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Has anyone lost their 'B' belly?



  • Pkeenan1229Pkeenan1229 Member Posts: 52 Member Member Posts: 52 Member
    I have a 'B' belly, and I've never had kids. It has to do with how the fat distributes on me or possibly even how the belly button was created by the doctor. I lost weight about 10 years ago and wehn i got down to about 128 I started to lose my B. I am 5'2" and unfortunately even if I feel and look good otherwise in the 130's, that B does not want to go away. I think it's different from just a lower pouch / preggo belly because I have a reallllllyyy deep belly button so the fat sort of segments there and i havea lower pouch AND an upper pouch. They're seperated! I really have not see a lot of other people who have something similiar. This was a really interesting thread and I'd be curious to see more good results from people who have this body type.

    cheers to banishing the 'B' !

    ps. any 'b's out there feel free to add me.
  • angelcollins003angelcollins003 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member

    I am 5,2 and down to 120 lbs. It's gotten smaller but still there. I too have a deep belly button. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Did anyone eventually loose the B belly?? I wouldn't mind it turning into a lower case b lol
  • arcisauskaitearcisauskaite Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    I see a lot of people have no idea what a B shape belly form is. So let me show you. I have one of those, and i have never been bigger than a size 8. I did try gain muscle mass and with that comes some belly fat, I am trying to loose that belly fat but as far as i remember all my life I had this weirdly shaped stomach. So I lost hope , I don't think I will ever be able to have that flat stomach 😕 uhtvwstx73le.jpg
  • lisajamesmaclisajamesmac Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    Mines not completely flat but was huge before and looks a big difference,I actually drank a lot of beer before too 😂
  • lisajamesmaclisajamesmac Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
  • lisajamesmaclisajamesmac Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
  • RelCanonicalRelCanonical Member Posts: 3,721 Member Member Posts: 3,721 Member
    I’ve got one of those, where it kind of dips in at the belly button, then out again. Mine right now has become a lowercase “b”, as I’ve lost much of the weight in my upper stomach. The lower stomach is starting to disappear too, so it may not happen evenly.
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