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Premium Price DOUBLED?!

annabanana414annabanana414 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
Did the monthly cost of MFP premium DOUBLE overnight?! This morning I read several articles about premium benefits and reviewed the features in the App Store. The price listed everywhere (including the App Store, just minutes ago) was $9.99/month and $49.99/year. I went to enroll through the app and the price listed was $19.99/month and &79.99/year. What the heck?!


  • MadMonsterMomMadMonsterMom Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    I just came here for the same reason. I see your post is from a few months ago, but the price is still high via the app versus the website. I have been unable to get an answer from MyFitnessPal so far.
  • PAV8888PAV8888 Member Posts: 7,254 Member Member Posts: 7,254 Member
    What's there to answer? We live in a world where price discrimination in exchange for levels of convenience is definitely a thing. Plus app stores cost more to sell through. Plus A- >B testing. Plus.... different prices in different countries and/or stores is not uncommon.
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