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Net Calories or Gross Calories?

elisacueva183elisacueva183 Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
HI MFP community,

I'm a bit confused between these two concepts. Well, I understand them but what I'm not sure if I need to net 1260 calories or just eat 1260. Currently, I have been tracking my food at 1260-1300 calories a day but I'm burning around 500 working out that will be around 750 net calories. Is this fine or am I eating too little to put my body into starvation mode?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


  • janejellyrolljanejellyroll Member Posts: 23,138 Member Member Posts: 23,138 Member
    It looks like you've accidentally posted this in two different areas, so you might want to ask to have this post removed.
  • cwolfman13cwolfman13 Member Posts: 37,969 Member Member Posts: 37,969 Member
    Yes, 750 net calories is too low. It would be the same as not exercising and just eating 750 calories. You aren't providing your body enough calories for basic functions. "Starvation mode" isn't really a thing in the context that most people speak about it...but when your body isn't provided enough energy (calories) for basic functions, it will slow or cease "non essential" functions like growing hair and nails, menstrual cycle, etc in an effort to conserve energy. It also results in greater muscle wasting...basically anything your body can do to slow your metabolism to conserve energy.
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