Macros for gainig muscle?

Hi, I have been following a carbs 30% protein 40% fats 30% macro diet,bur rarely reached my fat intake each day. I have managed to lose body fat and maintain/have a slight muscle gain. I'd like to maintain low levels of body fat and start gaining muscle,any %split reccomendations?


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    I assume you are following a lifting program and not something that you made up. You look young and lean in your picture, so I would set your cals for a 1lb per week weight gain to start. eat 1 gm or protien per lb of body weight per day - meat, eggs,milk, 50 + gms of fat per day, Fill in the rest with carbs potatoes , rice , oatmeal, bread. If you are staying lean eat a little more, if the scale doesn't go up - eat more. Continue untill you get too fluffy, then lower carbs & cals , and keep protein up.
    If you are new to lifting, Lift full body 3X per week - If you aren't following an organised program , look at Starting Strength, Grey Skull LP. or one of the 531 variants - pick one and follow it
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    1g P/lb of bw
    .4g F/lb of bw

    Suggest to continue with current programming if it is yielding results and switching to more advanced programming with appropriate volume, exercise selection, avg intensity, and exertion before program starts to taper off in results.

    I currently don't recommend splits unless you have a time restraint on training or is the only way you will adhere to programming.

    I also suggest you seek a online or personal trainer that can help you with your goals if you have finances available to invest in yourself. Someone with a proven track record, not necessarily just clients or a cert.
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    Macros i need help to hiit my ideal macros no sure about it all