Apple Watch + Fitbit question

amyepdx Posts: 750 Member
I have both a Inspire that I clip on when I’m dressed up and wearing one of my good watches and then a Blaze for when I’m working about. I am getting a new Apple Watch 5 (couldn’t resist a good deal on Amazon). But before I open it, will MFP be able to track both and combine the day to add exercise cals? I wouldn’t wear them at the same time. Can I link both the Fitbit and the Apple Watch through Pacer? Thanks!


  • Talan79
    Talan79 Posts: 782 Member
    I switched from Fitbit Flex to Apple Watch in March. I use Pacer to connect. The integration bn the Watch & MFP is wonky. I have my activity level set to not very active in MFP. My TDEE in Apple Watch roughy matches what MFP has. Your total “Move Calories” in Apple Watch will be your adjustment in MFP. I’m not sure if you can link both to MFP. It may work but give you a double on everything. You can still use your Fitbit and connect the Watch to MFP. Just to compare data, I did that in the beginning.
  • amyepdx
    amyepdx Posts: 750 Member
    I decided to return the Apple Watch - I actually didn’t love how complicated it is. I spent $6 on an app that sends the Apple Watch data to the Fitbit app but it would override data if I wore my Inspire clip part of the day. I guess I’m still a Fitbit gal!