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  • carriestrinecarriestrine Member Posts: 214 Member Member Posts: 214 Member
    Wow @kiay131982 so close!!

    I hear you on the snack planning. Ive realized I shop so much toward meals and need to more consciously buy for afternoon protein boosts. Slim pickin's at my house right now.
  • RaeWatsRaeWats Member Posts: 57 Member Member Posts: 57 Member
    So I did a thing today .... Found out a coworker tested positive for COVID-19... some other coworkers were ordering 5Guys for lunch .... I joined them 😕. Factored it into my calorie count for the day, so that’s ok - but I ate my feelings- something I’m trying to get away from.
    Going to get tested on Saturday, and I’ll keep looking up! ☺️
  • jvando74jvando74 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
    @kiay131982 I’m so jealous and inspired! I am trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy fitness and my kiddo just turned 6! I’m guessing I’m around 4lbs away. Certainly at least a half size-a size off. Seems like the hardest 4lbs to loose ever! Just going to keep trying...
  • kiay131982kiay131982 Member Posts: 204 Member Member Posts: 204 Member
    @jvando74 this is pre pregnancy weight for my 4th baby though. Im still about 15lbs off my weight after my 1st!! But I was 18 when I had him (hes nearly 19 now) and I dont know if I will ever get back to my teen weight.... :)

    @IDARae hope your colleague is ok... Dont worry about your lunch, it was within your calorie limits. I would just be mindful today about the types of food I ate, and dont punish yourself for reacting to a situation x

    @carriestrine my poor snack planning led me to eating toast last night and Im really trying to avoid bread!! So todays mission is some better choice snack prep!!
  • kstpierre52020kstpierre52020 Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member
    So-so with my goal yesterday. Kinda back on track but a few beers with my brother and his wife last night left me feeling bloated and squishy this am. I’m done with alcohol for a while. Going to really reset with some strict tracking for a bit. Need to feel good again.

    Great job- kiay131982! Hitting that goal will feel super. You can do it!!

    Jvando74- I’ve been within 6 lbs of my goal too. It DOES feel like the hardest to loose!!! Stay focused- you can do it!!!!
  • carriestrinecarriestrine Member Posts: 214 Member Member Posts: 214 Member
    This week is definitely much better than last week. Not totally hitting my goal to be active every day, but am now officially below 215lb for the first time since 2013 and am officially down 20lbs since March.

    I had a very stressful work week and am realizing this is exactly why I gained the weight in the first place. Poor stress management and not carving time for exercise really are the root of my bad eating. I move next week. Very worried about how I'll manage taking care of myself!
  • RaeWatsRaeWats Member Posts: 57 Member Member Posts: 57 Member
    @carriestrine I hear ya! My work week was off, and it carried over to my eating and exercise this week 😕

    Congrats on the loss!! Let that be your motivation for the week ahead. Try your best to put you first in the next couple of weeks. My boss is a huge proponent of positive thinking... You Got This !!!!!
  • PatriceFitnessPalPatriceFitnessPal Member Posts: 327 Member Member Posts: 327 Member
    @carriestrine - Congratulations on losing 20 lbs and being the lightest you’ve been in 7 years! That’s quite an accomplishment so I hope it gives you momentum through your move. It sounds as though the move might help focus you on the future instead of the past. Maybe you can try imagining the ‘new you’ in your ‘new environment’ and explore opportunities that fit your healthy choices within the new home and community. Good luck with your mindful eating & choices!

    @kiay131982 - It’s fantastic to hear you’re so close to your goal! I’m somewhat close with about four pounds to go, which sound similar to @jvando74. I’ve been a bit stalled in terms of my scale weight but still feel committed for the long term and On track, generally. I think it might take a little longer than I initially thought it would to reach my goal; but, since I’ll need to eat well and exercise this way to maintain my weight loss, I’m just thinking about the changes as lifelong habits to follow. So, eventually the scale should reflect the positive changes.

    @kmccrom asked if any of us incorporate a ‘cheat day’ and, because of my goal to build long term habits, I don’t have a regular cheat day; but, I try to allow for special circumstances like celebrations or social situations without much planning. Some people eat healthy food ahead of time and pass up the party food or drinks but I still feel the need to indulge. So, I find too much restriction hard. I’ll limit alcohol and try to make good choices about portions and healthier options without mindless snacking but I allow a little occasional cheating.

    @LeeAnneIAm - Enjoy your mountain vacation and good luck maintaining a healthy balance of food and energy!

    @IDARae - Best wishes for a negative COVID-19 test and I hope your colleague recovers quickly! I can certainly understand wanting to indulge in a short term pleasure like burger lunch with colleagues at 5 Guys ... congratulations for staying within your calorie goal for the day! That’s a win!

    @B3sha - How are you doing with your goal of eliminating late-night snacking? I think that gets a lot of us. I’ve been trying to drink a cup of tea and allow myself one After Eight mint chocolate, which works most days, but not always! I also struggle to get over the afternoon craving for a snack and - like @carriestrine - need to identify some healthy high-protein snacks to get me over the hump! Any ideas out there ...?

    @kstpierre52020 - I get that ‘bloated and squishy’ feeling, too, and agree that cutting out alcohol can really help. I ate too much cheese or something this week and felt really weighed down. The scale stayed the same but I feel bloated so I’m going to try to add more salad and vegetables over the next few days to see if that helps. I’m glad you got your running shoes back! Good problem-solving so you didn’t have to run in your flip flops in the ocean 😃 Enjoy the beach!!

    @fletcherbritny4 - Welcome! What are your goals for the week? Let us know how you’re doing and feel free to share a little about yourself so we can connect and help one another reach our goals.

    Wishes you all joy and success in the coming week. Go get those goals and feel good about your commitment and accomplishments!! ❤️
  • LukesGreenMilkLukesGreenMilk Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    I've had pretty steady progress the last 3 months, losing 1-2 lbs every week. Then I got to 176 and I've been here for 2 weeks, no shift. I'd love to blame my metabolism, but I've eaten extra cereal and snacks every night before bed. I"m gonna try to get 5 days in a row of not eating after 10pm!
  • carriestrinecarriestrine Member Posts: 214 Member Member Posts: 214 Member
    @PatriceFitnessPal such a great perspective! Going to hold onto that idea to help reframe my stress this week. To the future!
  • kiay131982kiay131982 Member Posts: 204 Member Member Posts: 204 Member
    Morning all!

    So my scales stayed the same this week but thats okay, I knew I had hit the yogurt coated peanuts a bit hard so I almost expected a gain... So to stay the same was a win :)

    @LukesGreenMilk I am a nighttime snacker too... I try to incorporate it into my day sometimes rather than eliminate it... If I plan it, then I make good choices... If I dont plan and do it anyway... Well thats when the yogurt coated peanuts come out... :)
    'Fail to plan, then you plan to fail' as my PT would say :)
  • kmccromkmccrom Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    Hi everyone! How was your week? Mine was ok. I decided that I really need to work on the late night snacking. It’s better for me to have a bigger dinner and then not eat. I have been trying to eat less every meal but it backfires when I am starving at 9 pm and then munch. It’s worse when I’ve exercised a lot. I’m on a three day streak of doing better with that. @kiay131982 and @LukesGreenMilk lets support each other with this! There is a group devoted just to that and I want to work on that in July.

    @PatriceFitnessPal I am so with you about the deprivation. I don’t want to have a full on cheat day, but I need to build in joyful eating. This is a tough balance. I lost about 25 lbs a year ago and then I gained 11 back to my sticking point. Now I have some confidence. I know the weight will come off if I keep logging and being active, and avoiding the late night snacking. I don’t have to be perfect. I am focusing on logging even when I know I’ll go over. I’m trying to think long term.

    Welcome to everyone who is new and thanks for reading!
  • AASlenderAASlender Member, Premium Posts: 18 Member Member, Premium Posts: 18 Member
    I would like an accountability partner. I need to lose twenty pounds. I’m 55 + in age. 5’1 inches. Have some health concerns, so although I can’s a bit limited. Light exercise only.
  • CerizezCerizez Member Posts: 132 Member Member Posts: 132 Member
    Hi All,

    I've been away for weeks, but have been tracking. It's lovely to come back and see the progress you're all making.

    This morning I finally figured out why I've been putting on weight over the past few months: even though I thought I'd been counting properly, I was SERIOUSLY under-estimating the calories in my weekly thai take-away. 4000 CALORIES JUST FOR ONE MEAL. Not for the day, for the MEAL. The prawn crackers alone were 2000 calories. So that one meal was completely undoing all the good work I was doing for the rest of the week. I'm enormously thankful to my local thai restaurant for adding themselves to MFP. Camile Thai - in case anyone wants a database of accurate calories for a thai restaurant. Or even an excellent thai restaurant/take-away (Dublin Ireland).

    Thanks to my thai take-aways, my butt measurements have increased from 90cm to 94cm.

    For good news: I've been doing P90X30 religiously. It's a daily 30 minute workout: it's awesome. And the change in my muscle tone is phenomenal. Even though I'm not as skinny as I want to be, I don't wobble anymore. So for the first time in my life I'm comfortable in a bikini and in shorts and short dresses and sleeveless tops. WHO KNEW this could happen??

    Now that I have 'THE FEAR' about take-aways, I can happily avoid them and hopefully happily watch the measuring tape will start going back down to sub-90cm.

  • CerizezCerizez Member Posts: 132 Member Member Posts: 132 Member
    I've noticed a lot of people are talking about mindful eating.

    Paul McKenna has a good app/book to help with this:
    He talks about how by mindlessly eating what's on our plate rather than focusing on how full/satisfied our stomachs are, we're letting the minimum wage mcdonalds (or whoever) workers dictate the quantity of food we eat and therefore our size and wellbeing.

    There's a really good 10 minute Ted Talk about how chewing helps us keep regenerating brain-neurons and stops us aging, stops our brains from shrinking. This more than anything has changed HOW i eat my food - with every munch/chew, I tell myself I've created another neuron and added another day to my life. I'm now even chewing bananas, while before, I hoovered everything. (have to admit, when I'm over-hungry, I still tend to hoover). And - side benefit, it slows down my eating and makes me focus on what I'm eating and even though I wasn't aiming for mindful eating, I've ended up eating mindfully. Ironic, as it's generating new neurons in my brain/mind.
  • CerizezCerizez Member Posts: 132 Member Member Posts: 132 Member
    @carriestrine @kstpierre52020
    Thanks for recommending the book 'half a cookie'.
    I'll definitely read it. It's inspiring to see people are able to move away from CICO to being able to maintain their goal weight without always having to beat themselves up and watching the measurements creep back up.
  • beshamamabeshamama Member Posts: 240 Member Member Posts: 240 Member
    Ugh technology! This is B3sha here....I somehow forgot my password and email address for my account and had to start over with a new one 😩 I was just gonna give up on MFP but I feel like I was really doing good this time around so I’m back! I’ll be adding you all as friends again. I got this! We got this! 💕
  • carriestrinecarriestrine Member Posts: 214 Member Member Posts: 214 Member
    @Cerizez thanks so much for the tip and for the ted talk! Love to watch a ted talk, always inspiring!!

    Counting calories helps me now as I'm learning, but it feels obsessive... I want to "rewire" my brain! Haha!
  • kstpierre52020kstpierre52020 Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member
    Thanks for the mindful eating links. This is really resonating with me the more I read and I’ll take any additional info I can get.

    On the down side- even with my running shoes delivered half way through, I ended up adding 2 lbs while on vacation. I did consider what I was eating.... some of the time..... and then I didn’t too. So home now and ready to refocus.
    We have guests coming in for the 4th of July weekend and then a week to the mountains planned for early August.
    Goal- be mindful, and track - even through “special” times. Perhaps I’ll try what some of you have said about anticipating food situations where calories may be denser (birthday, guest food etc) and adjust my calories throughout the day/ week to allow for a little more in those moments.
  • beshamamabeshamama Member Posts: 240 Member Member Posts: 240 Member
    @PatriceFitnessPal I did not do so good with the nightly snacking 😞 but I had the calories for it so I guess that’s ok? I did really good with sticking to working out every day this past week. I’m gonna continue this. I had a rough day last week where I just felt miserable and depressed but I told myself “just work out for 10mins” I pushed through and did it and although I didn’t feel 100% better I was glad I did it. Every little bit helps right?

    This week my goals are:
    *No night snacking! Even if I have the calories! Maybe eat a piece of fruit or some veggies if I really feel I need something.
    *Continue to work out everyday!
    *Get to bed before midnight

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