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Error when using scan

megan9567megan9567 Member Posts: 148 Member Member Posts: 148 Member
I usually scan my food. Today it is giving me error message for every single item. All these items were scanned previously by me with no problem.


  • Analog_KidAnalog_Kid Member Posts: 504 Member Member Posts: 504 Member
    Same here. Bar code scan function is failing for any and all products.
    edited June 25
  • sveva_galiziasveva_galizia Member, Premium Posts: 0 Member Member, Premium Posts: 0 Member
    First the app wouldn't let me scan any barcode so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it hoping this would help but instead now it won't even let me log in. This is so frustrating as I scan my food as I cook 😡
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