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  • PatriceFitnessPalPatriceFitnessPal Member Posts: 314 Member Member Posts: 314 Member
    @AASlender, @LukesGreenMilk, and anyone else who has recently joined the group ... Welcome!! ... and Welcome back, @beshamama! I’m glad you re-joined despite the extra work!

    @LukesGreenMilk - Good work on the steady loss since you’ve started tracking with MFP. I’m sure you @kmccrom, @kiay131982 and @beshamama will be able to kick the late-night snacking habit by supporting one another! @beshamama - I agree that you can overlook eating later if you haven’t used up all your calories for the day while continuing to replace the habit. You’re still ahead!
    @kmccrom - It seems as though you figured out a strategy that works for you by eating a slightly heavier meal to feel satisfied through the evening. Have you been able to keep up your streak with that change?

    I sometimes still struggle with late-night eating but I’ve improved over past behavior when I’d try to stay up later to finish work or school work after everyone else in the family was in bed. I never got much done (besides eating) and found the lack of sleep intensified the negative cycle of emotional eating to avoid getting started on my work. I thought I needed the ‘energy.’ I finished my dissertation - and my kids are older now - so I’ve found more success chunking out manageable tasks for the following days and getting to bed on time. Now, if I can just improve my late-afternoon craving for something sweet! ...

    My goal is to eat a high protein afternoon snack instead of reaching for something sweet or high in fat. Since I only eat one egg for breakfast, I’m thinking about boiling one extra to eat as a snack later. I also tried adding more protein at lunchtime to replace come carbohydrates. I’ll keep testing the higher protein levels this week to see how it goes. My other goal is to exercise more and I signed up for a rowing class while my own group is still shutdown due to COVID-19. The class is Friday through Sunday for a few hours each day so I’m really looking forward to getting back on the river (in individual sculling shells instead of 8-man boats to keep our distance s little better).

    @Cerizez - I enjoyed watching the TED Talk, too, and agree with @carriestrine that they’re so inspiring, even if I sometimes find myself heading down a ‘rabbit hole’ watching one after another!! ... My brain needs rewriting in more than one way! 😂
    For me, the ‘Calorie In Calorie Out’ (CICO) is the first step in new habit building so I appreciate your caution about making sure it’s sustainable by not obsessing over the scale if it means I end up burning muscle instead of fat or depriving myself. I needed to get a handle on portion sizes and learning about the number of calories hidden in foods ... like your excellent lesson about the Thai food takeout! I suspect underestimating calories in some of my recent takeout food may account for my plateau. I’ve started over calculating a bit when I don’t know the exact amount and also trying to make sure I’m accurate (e.g., was that 1 or 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, or how many creamers did I add to that coffee ... really?)

    So, I’m trying to gradually gain better understanding of the complex interactions that go into weight gain and loss but I don’t want to make it so difficult that I quit. Incremental habit changes - combined with incremental learning about the science of it all - is the balance I’m trying to strike. Thank you for the resources you shared to get me over this recent hump and wade into learning more about macros and the interactions that work best!

    @kstpierre52020 Enjoy your guests! Maybe they’ll be game for a walk or some kind of active outing.

    Have a great week everyone, and check in to let us know how it’s going!!
  • CerizezCerizez Member Posts: 132 Member Member Posts: 132 Member
    jvando74 wrote: »
    @kiay131982 I’m so jealous and inspired! I am trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy fitness and my kiddo just turned 6! I’m guessing I’m around 4lbs away. Certainly at least a half size-a size off. Seems like the hardest 4lbs to loose ever! Just going to keep trying...

    only 4lbs away!! Congrats on coming so far. That's brilliant.
  • CerizezCerizez Member Posts: 132 Member Member Posts: 132 Member

    Hi Patrice, I totally agree: incremental changes all add up.

    I realised that I was spending so much time messing about with my morning coffee that I often didn't have time for a pre-work work-out. So I ditched the coffee, and now have that 30mins instead for exercise. I have my first coffee of the day instead as a reward when I logon to my working day.
  • rmarlow65rmarlow65 Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    Hi everybody, I just started this today and I definitely need to account to someone! Do you post your weights here daily, weekly, or ???
  • AshleyBK0620AshleyBK0620 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    I have a lot of weight to lose. I would love an accountability partner. Add me :wink:
  • renaegryrenaegry Member, Premium Posts: 1,133 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,133 Member

    Been awhile. Just checking in. June was a bust. I’m up like 6 lbs. mostly water weight I know. Heading to the lake today. Will be spending most of the summer down there. Plan for July is to do lots of exercising to make room for those booze calories. lol
  • beshamamabeshamama Member Posts: 240 Member Member Posts: 240 Member
    @rmarlow65 Let’s do it let’s post our weights and goals!

    Today I weighed 168.8 My ultimate goal is 140 but my monthly goal will be 164

    I have been stuck at 170-166 for months now. I know it’s my own fault. I don’t exercise enough and those nightly snacks 🙄 But this time I am determined to lose the weight.
  • micahandskylersmommy2micahandskylersmommy2 Member, Premium Posts: 7 Member Member, Premium Posts: 7 Member
    Same here! Add me!
  • PatriceFitnessPalPatriceFitnessPal Member Posts: 314 Member Member Posts: 314 Member
    @rmarlow65, @AshleyBK0620 and @micahandskylersmommy2 ... WELCOME!

    Feel free to post your goals and updates at a rhythm that works for you. I check in about 1-2 times per week to share my weekly goal(s) and encourage other ‘Accountability Buddy’ members. We keep each other accountable by posing questions or reaching out to one another. You can post your weight and tell us a little about your journey ... or not! Set whatever parameters work best for you and we’ll do our best to support you!

    @renaegry It’s good to hear from you! Do you plan to keep tracking via MFP while you are at the lake? I think you run for exercise. Is that right? If so, is there a nice place to run at the lake or do you shift your fitness workouts to swimming or some other summer activity while you’re there? Your post reminded me that I forgot to log the glass of wine my husband brought to me while I was working last night. I really didn’t want it but, a friend sent us a box of various wines (after he recently started a new job at a winery), so my husband was excited to try it.

    I’ll log the glass of wine today and burn some extra calories by trying one of the home workouts on the MFP blog. There are some good exercises just using body weight. My now-quarantined rowing group takes turn leading workouts via Zoom so I used the routine a couple of days ago when it was my turn to lead. @Cerizez I like your idea of replacing the morning ‘linger over coffee’ with a more active approach to starting your day. I’ll try to get moving right away instead of connecting to news on my phone ... which is a ‘downer’ these days anyway. I can use the AM energy boost!

    I’m stalled on the scale at 149 (up and down slightly from 149-151). My short-term goal is 145 by the end of summer with an ultimate goal of 125-130. I’m a little over 5’4” tall so the highest end of the normal BMI weight is 145. I’m going to visualize moving out of the ‘overweight’ category this week and really focus some positive energy and thoughts on that short-term goal while exercising! Let’s tackle any negative self-talk and treat ourselves like a supportive friend this week ... and go get those goals!!
  • Naz_2020Naz_2020 Member Posts: 77 Member Member Posts: 77 Member
    Add me. I want to lose weight too.
  • AshleyBK0620AshleyBK0620 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    Hey everyone. I am going to try starting keto. If there is anyone here that does keto and is successful- please add me. Let’s be friends and tell me all your secrets and favorite recipes!!
  • eesh78eesh78 Member, Premium Posts: 20 Member Member, Premium Posts: 20 Member
    Hi. Looking for buddies too. Feel free to add 😊
  • kiay131982kiay131982 Member Posts: 203 Member Member Posts: 203 Member
    Evening all! Sorry I've been awol for a few days, life just got busy!!!
    All is going well, signed up to a few events to keep my motivation up, so a 12hour event at the end of the month and an 8k race in October.
    @PatriceFitnessPal we are about the same... I am a little under 5ft4 and sitting around 145lbs at the moment so just moved out of the overweight bmi. My short term goal (hopefully very short!) is 144 as thats the weight I was before my last baby... I dont know what my ultimate goal will be yet... I guess i just keep going until I find it!!!
  • PatriceFitnessPalPatriceFitnessPal Member Posts: 314 Member Member Posts: 314 Member
    @kiay131982 - Congratulations on achieving normal BMI range! ... and it looks as though you’ll make it back to pre-baby weight very soon! 🎉

    @eesh78 - Welcome! Let us know what you’re goals are and we’ll look forward to hearing about your progress. What’s your plan for the week?

    @AshleyBK0620 - Personally, I haven’t followed a Keto diet but I know people who have been successful with weight loss adhering to Keto. How is it going for you so far? Is it a good match for you?

    @nazah_sakin - Welcome! Feel free to share a little bit about yourself here or send a friend request to group members who seem to be a good match with your goals, etc. Typically, we post our goals here and then report on our progress, share tips, and give advice in response to questions posed. So, jump in whenever you’re ready and best wishes to all the new group members!

    I had a fairly balanced weekend with a bit more activity than usual because I was able to get outside and exercise in a way I enjoy AND more calories than usual because of the longer holiday weekend (here in the US). So, I don’t expect any extra weight loss but, overall, I am happy to stay on track.

    One bonus of signing up for the weekend rowing class is that there are lots of opportunities to use the new boathouse while the local one is closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I’m going to join the nearby (30 minute drive) community boathouse until my usual group (10 minute drive or bike ride) - affiliated with the public schools - starts again. I hope the extra activity gives me the boost I need!

    Have a great week, everyone!! How is it going for you?
  • eesh78eesh78 Member, Premium Posts: 20 Member Member, Premium Posts: 20 Member
    @PatriceFitnessPal Thankyou.
    At little bit more about myself. I'm 42 and a diabetic living in the UK. My goal is to lose weight for the sake of my health and to get fitter along the way.
    My goal is to keep an eye on my carbs this week.
    Any like minded people plz add me.
  • Naz_2020Naz_2020 Member Posts: 77 Member Member Posts: 77 Member
    @PatriceFitnessPal Thanks 😊

    I am Nazah and I am 30 years old. I weigh 133 kg or 293 lbs. I started using MFP in 2015. I lost 14 kg back then. Then I got it back. In 2016 I gave it another try and lost 12 kg. Unfortunately I couldn't maintain that either. My weight was 120 kg for almost 2 years. Didn't change. But in 2018 and 2019 I gained another 15 kg. This has been my struggle. I want to lose weight. I try every year but somehow I lose my focus after 6-7 weeks. I am an emotional eater. I eat when I am stressed or angry or sad. I try to fill up that emptiness with food which is very unhealthy.
    I am back to healthy lifestyle. I hope being part of a community who shares the same goal would help me stay on track. I am not setting any big goals. I just want to continue eating healthy and clean food.
  • Naz_2020Naz_2020 Member Posts: 77 Member Member Posts: 77 Member

    Let’s do this! 💪🏻

  • beshamamabeshamama Member Posts: 240 Member Member Posts: 240 Member
    Ugh back up to 170 😬 what happened this weekend? Oh I know beer, chips, ice cream, take out. I just get burnt out cooking and eating healthy all week. The Covid cases are sky rocketing in my area again so I’m too afraid to go out.

    New week though. New goals!
    *try to stay in my calorie budget 4x this week
    *work out for 45mins at least 4x this week
    *no night snacking! Even if I have the calories!
  • kstpierre52020kstpierre52020 Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member Member, Premium Posts: 60 Member
    Yep- hard weekend to stay on track here in the US for sure. I ended up back up to the higher side of the range I’ve been living in. I know I can get back to the lower end of that range, but then I’ll still have those pesky last 6 lbs to go. Also 5’4. I’m at 138 lbs today- fluctuating between 138 and 136 in the last few weeks.
    Short term goal- see 135 on the scale. I’ll let you guys know how that goes! Plan to get there- track my calories on MFP. Remain mindful as I eat and plan to eat. Keep up the workouts and sleep.
    Long term goal-130 and being happy there (not always trying to go lower and lower as I have in the past)

    So I was on my indoor bike today and the trainer asked- “what are you going to do with what you set out to do?” One of those motivational quotes that trainers love to throw out but it resonated with me. Goes back to that question- what are you committed to? If you set out to drop 1 lb this week- how are you going to do it? Of you set out to work out 4 days this week- what are you going to do with that.... Remember- what are you committed to?!?
    New week- new commitment.
  • Naz_2020Naz_2020 Member Posts: 77 Member Member Posts: 77 Member
    I want to cut down on carbs and add more protein to my diet.
    1. Eating two cups of rice. Want to reduce it to 1 and a half cup.
    2. Taking 1/2 tbsp sugar with my coffee. Want to take 1 tsp sugar from now on.

    Last 7 days were great! I was on track. Hope to have a great second week.
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