What the hell is keto

Not dissing it just don’t get it??


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    I am one who is Keto ....I am type 2 diabetic and have high blood pressure ..... my goal is to lose weight but more importantly to get off all my meds ....food taste great instead of having potatoes, pasta or rice I have a salad with meat ..plus it helps to have a few cookbooks that gear towards keto ...win for win for me :)
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    It's a rebranding of Atkins. What is old is new again.

    That being said, if it works for people then kudos.
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    jordanconroy, if you ever want to eat a cookie again, run far and fast in the other direction.

    I don't get it either. I mean, I know how it works I just think it tastes like disappointment.

    Just saying, this is 100% keto friendly.

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    True KETO is severe restriction of Carbs (25 grams or less a day) with upping Fats and Protein instead. If you ask me, very unsustainable way to lose weight or keep weight off in the long run.

    To point out, you do not need to restrict carbs that low. Most people can get into ketosis at under 50g a day. And it will vary depending on size, NEAT and other activities. People like endurance athletes can stay into ketosis even at 200g a day.

    @heybales summed it up though.
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    A dietitian told me not many people practice true Keto.
    Basically lots of protein and fat and not a lot of carbs. I could never do this diet, fats don't like my stomach at all
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    I am trying it for the first time. I have a sedentary job and work out about 2.5 hours per week. The initial weight loss was water weight. I have not lost any weight for the last 2 weeks but have lost inches. The best part is that it keeps me full. I eat food that I enjoy and it has helped me kick my sugar habit. I was a sugar addict. I don't think it works for everyone because it depends on your lifestyle and taste buds.
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    I tried keto 2 years ago for almost 1 full year. This is my personal experience.
    I lost ~40 lbs on the high fat, moderate protein, low carb keto.
    • I always felt really full, like I never was "snacky"
    • I was probably the most aware I have ever been of proper hydration including electrolytes
    • My skin was clear for the first time ever, even better vs when I did accutane
    • My hair and nails grew really fast and were strong
    • energy boost

    • keto flu- wow the migraines it would give me if I didnt get proper electrolytes or "cheated" was insanity
    • low electrolytes= very very low energy
    • very restrictive- my husband and I like to travel pre covid times. It was really hard to stay keto or else suffer the flu if I went off plan on trips. I really had to plan out where we would eat and research the menu- which if you love to travel isnt the easiest or necessarily the funnest.
    • it didnt really cure my poor eating habits- instead I just made/bought keto friendly convenience food
    • It made me eat less veggies- I'd have better losses if I just stuck with cauliflower or broccoli
    • You really cant have much fruit (which to me was rough, I love fresh summer fruit)

    It really is an individual preference. Bottom line for me is that it wasnt sustainable. The moment I went off plan when we went to vegas, I never went back on it. I enjoy having more self control and learning proper nutrition while largely being able to eat what I please.
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    kshama2001 wrote: »

    I love when these guys try diets. Their videos are good
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    My husband and I have an "unwashed keto" meal plan. ("Dirty keto" has a meat-based and fat-based diet.)

    We have berries, peanut butter, milk, nuts, cheese, tomatoes, and whole-wheat pasta. It's better than it sounds (we have a whole wheat lasagna single noodle in our lasagna). Of course, I made low-carb bread and pancakes. Low carbs in moderation! You can't be chowing down on 6 low-carb breads slathered in peanut butter and whole milk. You must have 20-40g (or whatever).


    You must have salad or significant vegetables in your meals. That's to keep you regular. Propel, a Gatorade product, is what I used to keep the electrolytes up or I might have "keto flu". That lactic acid in my calves and abs hurts like a ... !

    It's what you make of it. I lost 30 lbs and A1c 8% went down 5.3% (it's normal).

    Joseph's flax lavash bread is 6g a sheet! I'll roll you some pinwheels!