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    Listened to a great podcast about fitness and it re framed my mindset. I don't feel so overwhelmed now and will continue to trust this process.

    Do you recall the name of the podcast? I would like to listen as well!

    Yes- so I preface this by saying it is Shaun T- however the podcasts are free and he only mentions his programs a few times + his advertisements that probably pay for the podcast. I wouldn't share if it was just a giant ad though :)

    Podcast Name: Trust and Believe with Shaun T
    Episode 234 Finishing Strong
    Episode 222- How to mentally get through a tough workout
    Episode 216- 12 ways to stay committed all year
    Episode 214- three things to do after your workout for success

    All of them are really good and got me back in the right mental headspace.

    Thank you!
  • Personal schedules and household schedules.

    Girlfriend told me she has to get up for 8:30 am zoom classes starting next week. I don't have to work too hard to help her get fed, dressed, caffeinated, and ready to pay attention by then, cause I already have a morning schedule in place, I just have to slide the times about a half hour earlier.