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is MFP more important than marriage?



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    VeryKatie wrote: »
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    well, not really a debate (I hope! :o )

    Today is my wedding anniversary and coincidentally I recieved this message from MFP on receiving my 7 year MFP poster badge: Wow! Seven years. Your community relationships have outlasted most marriages.

    Do most marriages really last less than 7 years these days?? (or was that exagerated hyperbole??)

    Mine has so far lasted for 34 .

    #humblebrag ;):Do:)

    This piqued my interest so I got to googling it. It was a bit hard to dicipher originally because a lot of places claim this stat as fact. But it's not really true, as there is an important qualifier.

    Marriages, that end in divorce , last an average of 7 years. So not all marriages, since only half end in divorce. Most places that quote this stat have dropped the "that end in divorce" part, so it becomes pretty misleading in those cases.

    have you looked up the stat of half of marriages end in divorce? Last I read, that stat is false as well. Its less.

    From what I've read, roughly half of marriages end in divorce but less than half of FIRST marriages do so, it's the second and subsequent marriages that end in divorce more than 50% of the time driving up the average.

    Anyway, I've been on MFP since 2012 and was married (very young) once for 2.5 years so clearly I have better staying power here. Now in my mid 50s I don't see any purpose to getting married again. I've managed to avoid it so far.
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