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Calorie Goal Broken in Ap

DupreeTheTRexDupreeTheTRex Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
So for the past week I’ve been eating at maintenance thinking it was the goal for 1lb. I thought it looked off so at one point I checked my settings and it was set to 1lb per week. Fast forward to today and I’m thinking this dieting thing is a breeze, what if I aimed for lbs a week. Huge difference in calories, so I change back to 1lb a week and now my goal is different. I’m confused so I play around with the settings a few more times. The goal doesn’t always match the goal I set. It will change the goal in the settings but your daily goals won’t change. Very frustrating.


  • sal10851sal10851 Member Posts: 167 Member Member Posts: 167 Member
    Everybody has different caloric needs. If you know your base intake subtract 500 calories through food, exercise, or both. I find it better to set a caloric range between 1700 and 2000 calories this way I have wiggle room. I exercise about 2 hours per day and I adjust depending on the intensity of the workout. I love working out so I don't use it as a weight loss tool but it makes you a Better Butter Burner!
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