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Shedding waist fat

OzzyAbdoolOzzyAbdool Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
Creating this discussion to share the challenge I face in losing my love handles and belly fat. I have tried everything I know to shed this, but I end up losing muscles everywhere, and I still have this fat around my belly. Hoping to get ideas and other experiences in this regard


  • IronIsMyTherapyIronIsMyTherapy Member Posts: 393 Member Member Posts: 393 Member
    Everyone holds fat in different spots. You simply need to lose more fat because it sounds for you, love handles and belly are the last to go. My advice for retaining muscle is to up your protein when in a deficit. When I'm cutting, I'll eat 300g+ of protein per day vs about 200 when maintaining. Also, try to get your calorie expenditure from strength training vs cardio.
  • fstricklfstrickl Member Posts: 709 Member Member Posts: 709 Member
    Unfortunately you can’t spot reduce body fat. Like IronIsMyTherapy said sounds like your waist is the last spot your body hold on to fat. That’s okay! We’ve all got different bodies that work different ways, which is so cool. Keep at it, keep logging and being mindful of what you eat and you’ll get there! Exercise will help to put you in a deficit (but remember to still eat enough!) and build muscle. You got this!
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