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OCTOBER CHALLENGE Based on non weight goals

sportygal1971sportygal1971 Member, Premium Posts: 55 Member Member, Premium Posts: 55 Member
Most challenges focus on weight. I want one on making daily/weekly goals.
3 goals per day
No p.m. coffee
Exercise at least 30 min
Veggies for 2 of 3 meals
Each goal met is a point. Now if it's a rest day & I have a social function my goals might be
No second servings at retirement party
No p.m. coffee
Get to sleep before 10
15 points per week. 60 points for challenge.
Daily goals can be the same throughout but flexibility can work. Challenge starts week of Oct 4th for 4 weeks.
All is needed is a set of three goals and starting weight.
Each week post your points. If you add me as friend I will post my daily goals on feed. Goals are to help change habits. I'm working from home and getting up every hour and moving might be a goal, when I used to do 12k steps at work a day.
I'll edit & post my starting goals here Oct 4th & feed. I just wanted a different type of challenge than the same old weight loss. I see weight loss as a byproduct so if I make daily or weekly goals, I'm most likely to see weight loss results.
Join me!


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