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Rest day question

ciarakaylin303ciarakaylin303 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
So i just recently am getting into working out and my question is say i went really hard on my legs one day and now i need to rest for a few days is it okay to do incline walks on my rest day? or is this not okay because i am still using my muscles ?


  • B_Plus_EffortB_Plus_Effort Member Posts: 259 Member Member Posts: 259 Member
    What's your goal?

    - Weight loss
    - Strength training
    - Speed training
    - Endurance training
    - Build Muscle
    - Get Shredded
  • sal10851sal10851 Member Posts: 171 Member Member Posts: 171 Member
    Walking is still a great recovery exercise. I'm out of commission nursing an ingrown toenail procedure and I still managed 1 hour of walking at a snail's pace! It's important to rest but it's hard when you enjoy exercising.
  • brittkd14brittkd14 Member Posts: 22 Member Member Posts: 22 Member
    Personally, I feel like my recovery is much better when I walk on my rest days. A good walk seems to really loosen everything back up. A sure fire way for me feel like the tin man after a rain storm is to have a full on “rest” day where I work from my office and then go home and veg out on the sofa.

    Your mileage may vary, but that is just my experience with trail running and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu soreness.
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