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Samsung Health Step Sync Issues

dsgnr6479dsgnr6479 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
For the past week my steps have not been syncing. I have tried all of the troubleshooting suggestions and nothing has worked. I thought I read that MFP was aware of the issue and were looking into it, but that was over a week ago. Any updates?


  • heybalesheybales Member, Premium Posts: 18,368 Member Member, Premium Posts: 18,368 Member
  • mike_langloismike_langlois Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    It has been like this for about a month now, and its a giant pain in the *kitten*. It only seems to be steps related, as exercise and food data passes between them fine for me.
  • Jax_GrimJax_Grim Member Posts: 276 Member Member Posts: 276 Member
    If you need a work around, you can pay like $3 on the google store for a program called Health Sync. It will send data from Samsung to Google Fit. Then you can use Google Fit as your step counter and add it as a connected app. You'll get a calorie adjustment and the step counter working again.
  • aurolenaaurolena Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    Ugh this has been broken for me for a while. I appreciate the workaround suggestion though. I've just been tracking my extra calories burned in a note but it sucks.
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