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Is there a way to set meals to automatically reocurr?

becoming_the_best_mebecoming_the_best_me Member Posts: 66 Member Member Posts: 66 Member
Hi all, I've been using this app consistently for years now but I know there's constant new updates and there's one I've been hoping for. I'm checking in to see if anyone knows if it's possible to do this yet.
I would love to be able to set a meal that is automatically reocurring daily. Like for example, the supplements and vitamins that have calories (like collagen) that I take every day and have saved as a meal- to be able to set that meal to automatically be added into breakfast every day without me having to add it manually. I've always used the free mfp but that in itself is a feature I would pay for if it's available on there only. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know. I hope this made sense.
Thank you ❤


  • Gisel2015Gisel2015 Member Posts: 3,641 Member Member Posts: 3,641 Member
    No that I am aware off. I use the website, not the app so it may be different there. Set it up as meal or as a recipe and use either of them as needed. But it wouldn't be automatically.

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