Working moms

Hi, I recently started working full time again since March and I'm trying to balance work, family, kids' school, exercise, and maintaining friendships. There is just not enough hours in the day! I'm looking for other working moms or dads that can help encourage me when I want to throw in the towel. My goals are to generally maintain a healthy lifestyle. I want to make sure I make regular exercise and healthy eating priorities. I would love to lose five to ten pounds but I'm happy to stay where I am as well.


  • angelexperiment
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    Well I am here you can add me! I’m super busy mom with virtual school then I go to work! I honestly haven’t had a day off I feel like since school started since I work weekends too! But it’s ok, I carve out a little time for meal prep during day and only time I have to workout which I can’t right now is after work at 9 pm which you know is kinda depressing to me lol. Bc I am usually tired. But anyway I was walking in morning but I can’t do that anymore bc now he leaves early for work so I might just get a walking machine lol or join planet fitness after my knee heals up. So I focus solely on nutrition bc my injury I can’t walk much well. Anyway add me if you like!
  • happyness4me
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    Last week was terrible. I had to stay late and go in early to work every day. This week should be better, as a big project is now done. I prescheduled my workouts for the week and my food for today. Last night I got a little bit of cardio in. I just need to get my routine down and build the discipline. It's seriously hard to do.
  • brittanystebbins95
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    Hello! I'd love to be friends. I'm a new mom to an 11 week old. I'm doing well as far as nutrition goes, but balancing the gym and 12 hour shifts and my photography on the side is definitely a challenge. All of my empathy goes out to moms having to deal with virtual learning. I cant even imagine.