November Weigh-In Thread (Nov 1 - Nov 28) 🍁



  • jessiemeckle
    jessiemeckle Posts: 118 Member
    PW: 215.6
    CW: 215.0
    Bummed after last week's 2lb loss
  • scrapbookingtm
    scrapbookingtm Posts: 1,912 Member
    User name: scrapbookingtm
    Weekly Weigh-In Day: Saturday
    PW: 174.8
    CW: 170.0
  • SharGetsHealthy
    SharGetsHealthy Posts: 1,232 Member
    edited November 2020
    Weigh-in day was yesterday, Friday. Sorry.
    SW 194.5
    PW 193.1
    CW 192.9
    -.2 lbs.
    Well, it's not much, but at least it's going in the right direction. LOL
  • Arc130
    Arc130 Posts: 1,143 Member
    Saturday 11/21 weigh-in
    PW: 189.8
    CW: 191.6
  • tanbron
    tanbron Posts: 27 Member
    Saturday 11/21
    SW: 250.5
    PW: 246.2
    CW: 247.4 😪
  • ruthieg68527
    ruthieg68527 Posts: 52 Member
    Wednesday 11/18
    PW: 191.0
    CW: 189.8
  • arzux726
    arzux726 Posts: 58 Member
    PW: 149
    CW: 148.6

    I'm happy I haven't gained because I've had a very calorific week with drinking and multiple meals out. I'm slightly amazed, actually.
  • OncologyChick
    OncologyChick Posts: 236 Member
    User name: Oncologychick
    Weekly Weigh-In Day: Sunday
    PW: 85.6 kg (188.7 lbs)
    CW: 86.5 kg (190.6 lbs) (Chinese take away 😱)
  • bootilicious
    bootilicious Posts: 111 Member
    Username: bootilicious
    Weigh in day: Sundays
    PW: 157.5 lbs
    CW:   153.8 lbs  🔻3.7lbs
    LTD: 🔻 42 lbs

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone 👌
  • kjemudder
    kjemudder Posts: 426 Member
    Weigh day - Sunday
    PW: 163
    CW: 163
    * I am without a scale right now, so guesstimating :smiley: *
  • crystal_moon00
    crystal_moon00 Posts: 777 Member
    User name: crystal_moon00
    Weekly Weigh-In Day: Sunday
    PW: 132.2
    CW: 131.2
  • doubleplay_643
    doubleplay_643 Posts: 152 Member
    edited November 2020

    PW: 204.8
    CW: 207.2

    Wow! I injured myself a couple of weeks ago and look what happens laying around waiting to heal. I'm good to go again so bring it on!!!
  • SallyLuvsFitness
    SallyLuvsFitness Posts: 13,727 Member
    april_mesk wrote: »

    PW 222.2
    CW 222.8

    I have been off grid lately. This doesn’t concern me up a little. I haven’t really been tracking my food well this week. My daughter’s school has 6 positive cases of Covid and things have been stressful to say the least. Work is crazy and we are in training meetings for new system back to back. I am going to continue you on because I need this. Have been distracted for sure. My workouts are still on. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Friday

    Ugh sorry to hear about the cases at your daughters school! You can do it my friend!! We are supporting YOU!!!! Posted! 💞
  • SallyLuvsFitness
    SallyLuvsFitness Posts: 13,727 Member
    PW 182
    CW 181.5

    The past 8 weeks have been insanely busy and stressful. I'm barely holding on, but managing to at least to keep the weight steady. Checking in here is a lifeline. thanks.

    I am so proud of YOU!!! Keep it up!! Posted. ✔️
  • SallyLuvsFitness
    SallyLuvsFitness Posts: 13,727 Member
    Weigh in day Friday
    PW 193.2
    CW 191.2

    Happy for the loss, but even happier to hit 80 pounds lost! Whoop whoop :smile: :blush::smile:

    ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! I am so proud of YOU!!!! Congratulations 🎉🎊!!! YOU have worked so hard and you DESERVE A HUGE SHOUT OUT!!
  • SallyLuvsFitness
    SallyLuvsFitness Posts: 13,727 Member
    Djproulx wrote: »
    PW: 194.0
    CW: 194.2

    Posted. :smiley:
  • SallyLuvsFitness
    SallyLuvsFitness Posts: 13,727 Member
    NikMar wrote: »
    PW: 142.5
    CW: 142.25 - at least it's not up!

    I am proud of you Nikki!! WAY TO GO!! POSTED.
  • SallyLuvsFitness
    SallyLuvsFitness Posts: 13,727 Member
    melortez wrote: »
    User name: melortez
    Weekly Weigh-In Day: FRIDAY
    PW: 183
    CW: 182.2

    Terrific, posted! ✔️
  • SallyLuvsFitness
    SallyLuvsFitness Posts: 13,727 Member
    (Friday weigh-in)
    PW: 147.4
    CW: 147.0
    LTD: 79

    So proud of you Terri!!! Way to go!
  • SallyLuvsFitness
    SallyLuvsFitness Posts: 13,727 Member
    PW: 191.6
    CW: 194.5

    Lots of stress/emotional eating this past week. Focusing on mindfulness this week...

    We are here for you! If you need any support, just let us know. Have you tried doing insight app, helps with mindfulness. 🧘‍♂️ All the best! Posted.
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