Back on the Wagon!!

Hi there, I'm Sue from Sheffield, UK. I'm a mature Mum to a very active 9 yr old. I first joined mfp 10 years ago after my son was birn and managed to lose 33 lbs and get down to 9st 8lbs from 11st 12lbs. But gradually, over the past few years, it's gone back on again (though I've dran the line at 11st). Well, I went up to 11st 4lbs from 10st 10lbs over the summer and just thought enough is enough! I was feeling heavy and slow when running. Simetimes you just KNOW when you've gotta take charge of yourself! Know what I mean? SO, I've lost 4lbs over the last 2.5 weeks, and I haven't keeled over. Had one slight slip but told myself not to let go completely. So if you fancy hooking up let's be mfp buddies and keep each other company ....


  • PremGandhi
    PremGandhi Posts: 115 Member
    Welcome Sue. You are correct, you have to take charge of yourself. Good luck in you journey back 9 stones. Feel free to join me
  • VickyEltonGreen
    VickyEltonGreen Posts: 116 Member
    Hi Sue, welcome, can totally relate to your post. You sound like you know yourself well and appreciate hearing your story too. I lost 24 pounds last year but put it all back on. Press reset last Friday. I live in Ottawa, Canada but am originally from Manchester. May I ask what is your biggest challenge? Mine is evenings, that's when I really
    need to up the game in will power.