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  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,809 Member Member Posts: 2,809 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Perfect 30 Perfect HiiT: Pyramid Cardio HiiT Bonus Premix & the Bonus Core. I had to change disc to do the abs, but that was okay. This hiit workout is fast becoming my favorite of the hiit workouts. I was going to try the double premix, but realized that I had not gotten in any core work this week. I was very sure that I had not tried the Bonus Core before, but then I was like I remember the last move for some reason. Then I realized that I had done that move in a Jillian workout last week. :D Of course the pace that Cathe did the move was much better for me than how fast Jillian wanted me to do it. :D

    Laurel, Love the workouts! Nice that they are adding in Pilates, I know that Kristin is a Pilates instructor also. Wonder if she will be doing any of those. I love all those cooking shows. We have watched Hells Kitchen since it started, probably just for the drama factor. :D A lot of the stuff seems to be staged. Our favorite is MasterChef Junior. Those kids can really cook. If you do make the Wellington, there is one of his recipes floating around the internet for the single portion. I'm making the larger one for Christmas. Just need to go to the butcher shop to get my tenderloin, that will probably be next week. Those type of days are perfect for the cookie baking.

    Thelma, Great job on your workouts! Thanks for the invite, but I'm not home during that timeframe. :/ I hope that you are able to get that bike, will be crossing my fingers. I had hear that they are getting hit with a bunch of snow in that area. We really don't have a lot, but that isn't unusual for us. Eating just one after dinner is perfect, I always feel that having just a little thing after dinner doesn't hurt. I feel like I don't indulge in other bad things if I know that I will have that treat after dinner.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a good one. I did the lower body x3 premix from Body Blast Push/Pull. This was definitely not a fun workout, but it did make my legs shake. I followed it with Strong and Sweaty Cardio Slam and then a 15 minute Pilates workout with Kristin McGee and Peloton, which was so good. :)

    Thelma, great workouts. I completely agree about that Pull workout being much harder than Push! I would love to join in on a Barre class! But, actually, for me the later time workouts at better than the earlier. With DH working from home, my morning schedule is very different, and I am not always ready to workout at 8 (our time) since I like to eat before I workout. But maybe I can join one of the later classes sometime. Let me know. Thank you for thinking of us. The hip yoga class was from December 14, it is with Kristin McGee, and it is called 10 Min Focus Flow: Hips. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a thorough but quick hip opener routine.

    Laurie, great workout. And I totally agree about the Pyramid HiiT workout. I keep looking for ways to work it in to my schedule. As you can see, Kristin is teaching some of the Pilates class which, of course, has me excited. But, unlike yoga, I am going to try a few of the instructors because I know most of them from spinning, and I want to see what spin (pun intended!) they put on their Pilates routines. The idea of new Pilates routines every week with different music has me very excited. I just have to figure out how to fit it in with everything else. MasterChef Junior was always our favorite of the Gordon Ramsey shows as well. They were always so talented and it was relatively drama free, which is a plus. We got out of the habit of watching any of those shows when we moved here for some reason, and now our cable provider (AT&T) has decided to stop carrying our local Fox channel (which happened to us when we’re in Alaska as well, with another provider), so who knows when/if we will get that back. Anyhow, I will have to look for that Wellington recipe.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Thursday were a Gina B Hiit workout and the P30 mobility workout.

    I spend a couple of hours researching bikes and found my bike. I ended up getting a Schwinn IC4 which is the same as the Bowflex C6 just different branding and $100 cheaper. We hope to be able to pick it up on Saturday.
    The bike is pretty similar to the original Peloton bike minus the tablet which is what I wanted. It actually integrates slightly with the Peloton digital app. I should be able to see my cadence and heart rate on the Peloton screen. The bike has a small console that shows me resistance, cadence, heart rate and I think distance. It has a magnetic break system which I love and the flywheel is about 40 lbs which is recommended. It comes with a pair of small dumbbells and a armband heart rate monitor.

    It's been cold here and we got a little snow dusting this morning.

    Laurie, awesome workout. I love those P30 workouts.
    I was hoping you'd be available to take the Barre class during the holidays. I am surprised you don't have a lot of snow! I have surprised myself with the discipline I'm having with the cookies!

    Laurel, fantastic workout! WOW! Sounds like a killer!

    I have sent an email to the my yoga instructor who owns the virtual studio asking about next week's Barre class schedule and I'll let you know. I use my rack for the class.
    You can use small hand weights for the upper body class. This class is a killer but it's different than any Barre I had tried before. Thanks for the name of the hip flow class.
    I'm including links to some review videos on the bike I got in case you feel like you want to change bikes. I found a review for your bike and it's supposed to have hybrid pedals which allow you to use cycling shoes.

    Peloton hack

    Sole SB900

    Bowflex C6 Review - same as Schwinn IC4

    Bowflex C6 vs Peloton

    Have a wonderful weekend ladies! Can you believe we're almost at the end of 2020?

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,066 Member Member Posts: 3,066 Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was another tough one. I did Body Blast Push/Pull Triple Upper Body premix, followed by a 30 minute HiiT spin with Peloton and a 20 minute Pilates class with Peloton. When DH and I were leaving the house for our walk, I told him that there was not a muscle in my body that wasn’t shaking! :o:D

    Thelma, great workouts! I love the sound of your new bike!! Congratulations!! It sounds like it is the next best thing to a Peloton and better in some ways actually. Yes, I can wear bike shoes with my bike if I choose to. Maybe that will be something I look in to down the road. I, too, can’t believe 2020 is coming to an end. It has been quite a year, that’s for sure. Keep me posted on the barre class because it sounds like good fun to me. Thanks again for the invitation.

    Laurie, I hope you are enjoying your day off and baking lots of cookies. :)

    Enjoy the weekend.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Member Posts: 1,768 Member Member Posts: 1,768 Member
    Hi Ladies, I hope you had a great weekend. We had a nice weekend and it was a little on the adventurous side!

    We traveled 45 minutes south of BR to pick up my bike on Friday. On Saturday we ordered pizza from this famous place I'd been wanting to try. Once we got there the place was pretty empty because it was 5pm so we decided to dine in. Our first time eating inside a restaurant in six months! The pizza was salty and horrible. I don't think we'll ever find good pizza around here. I told DH that if we caught the virus because we ate at the restaurant I would be really mad because we took a risk that wasn't even worth taking.

    I posted a picture of my old bike in the town's FB group to see if anyone would suggest a way to get rid of it. The welding high school teacher sent me a message asking if I was willing to donate the bike to the school! Of course, we donated it to the school. The teacher told us that he will have the welding and engineering students figure out a solution for the break. Once fixed the bike will be moved to the gym for the students to use. I can't tell you how happy I am with this outcome.

    I am in love with my new bike! It is very smooth and quiet! The bike looks well built and it's beautiful.
    My laptop converts to tablet and it sits on the bike's tablet holder perfectly. I didn't even need to connect the laptop to the big TV. The large laptop's screen is all I need.
    The bike doesn't move at all when I'm riding off the saddle. The seat is super comfortable. I was able to pair the bike with my heartrate monitor. I took my first ride on the bike today and I'm very impressed. It's a keeper!

    My workouts on Friday were Ramped Up Upper Body Push/Pull Mish Mosh Premix, Wind Down Friday Yoga.
    My Sunday workouts were: Peloton Beginner Advanced Ride, and STS Meso 2 Disc 22 Chest, Shoulders, Triceps.

    Rumor has it that we may have a snow storm on Christmas Eve day!

    Laurel, that was a killer workout! No wonder your muscles were shaking! I can't believe you still had energy left in you to go for a walk.

    I had to take a 1/2 break after my 30 minute beginner advanced ride today. There was no way I could start the STS workout right after the spin class.

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was nice and quiet. We were able to get in a good walk on Saturday and yesterday, because it was foggy and gloomy, we baked another batch of cookies. This is the first year DH has joined me in the baking process, and it has been so much more enjoyable because of it. Hope we continue this tradition.

    For workouts, on Saturday I started with a Jessica one-mile walk and then did a 30 minute intermediate Pilates routine from Peloton followed by a 30 minute yoga flow with Peloton. I tell you, three straight days of Pilates had my core muscles screaming at me. So good. Yesterday I did STS Disc 22/Chest, Shoulders and Triceps followed by my new favorite cardio blend of Shock Cardio Double Wave Pyramid HiiT into Perfect 30 Pyramid HiiT Bonus. Today was STS Disc 23/Legs followed by a 45 minute club ride with Peloton.

    Thelma, great workouts! I am SO glad you like your new bike....and found a home for your other one! I love that students are going to be able to get some use out of it. What you describe about the stability of your bike is one of the reasons I love mine. It is quiet and stable and I never worry about it. It’s fantastic you can use the tablet holder to view your workout. I am sorry to hear about the trip to the restaurant, though. I can imagine after living in the Boston area that pizza where you are now at just doesn’t compare. I have felt that way since living in Italy. B) It is like a different food group here. We are rumored to perhaps enjoy a ‘wintry mix’ on Christmas Eve as well here. I will believe it when I see it, but it does look like it is going to be chilly. After last year’s 70 degrees, temperatures in the 30s will, no doubt, at least make it feel more like Christmas, even without the snow.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Monday were Peloton Beginner Advanced Ride, STS Meso 2 Disc 23 Legs and Revive and Restore Yoga.

    I dreaded having to do the STS workouts this week but I am actually loving them. I'm feel like I'm ready to do another STS rotation. I loved my workouts today.
    I wish I could ride the bike every day but I was just reading that it should be done 3-4 times a week to prevent injury. BTW, Laurel, I hate that the Peloton app marks a class as done just because you decided to take a looksie!

    Laurel, great workouts! I'm going to have to try those Peloton Pilates and Barre classes.
    How nice of your husband to help you make the cookies! I love it when DH helps me cook or at least with prep work.

    The bike's stability is awesome. The only thing I've not been able to do is pair the bike with the Peloton app. I've watched videos on youtube on how to do it but the icons mentioned in the video don't appear on my Peloton screens. I've tried two browsers to see if it was a browser limitation. No big deal though.
    Laurel, I hope you like the Barre class on Wednesday and if you don't, I'd still like you to tell me your honest opinion.

    Someone from town posted the forecast for Thursday and Friday. 1-3 inches of snow between Thursday and Friday! A blizzard! LOL

    Good night!
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    Hi Lacies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 24/Back and Biceps followed by Cathe Live Warrior Kickboxing.

    Thelma, great workouts! I feel the exact same way about the STS workouts this week. I thought they were going to feel really tough, but I have surprised myself with my strength! The good news is we get a little STS in the next block of this rotation and I think one other block as well. I have decided if I do another STS rotation that I will modify the moves I don’t like because there are a few of them my shoulders don’t like anymore. But with the modifications, I won’t be concerned with another full STS rotation. Hmmmmm....things to think about over the next few months. :D

    I also agree about wanting to spin most days, but I try to limit it to 3 times a week. Sometimes I do back-to-back days but mostly I like to put a day in between. I think my knees more than anything would feel it if I were to do it every day.

    I am really looking forward to the class tomorrow. I was telling DH about it and his reaction was the same as’s a chance to do something completely new and different. I will definitely give you my honest feedback, though.

    Wow, that’s a lot of snow forecasted! :D We are supposed to get less than half an inch if we get any at all. But it is fun to have it in the forecast this year.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Tuesday were Zumba and STS Meso 2 Disc 24 Back and Biceps.

    Laurel, great workouts!

    I also thought the STS workouts were going to feel extra tough. I think you chose the easy STS workouts! LOL
    I think the STS workouts are great in small doses through the rotation. You really have to modify to protect your body.

    I will stick to spinning 3-4 times a week. I don't do the tough workouts you're doing now. The interesting thing is that I think my knees love the bike. My right foot is feeling like it about to have a plantar fasciitis flareup though. It's definitely because of the bike so I've been really good about stretching my calves and massaging my feet.

    I'm so excited to have you try one of my Zoom classes Laurel. Don't worry about anyone else. Just pin the instructor's box and she will take over the entire screen when you do that. For me there are 3 dots on the upper fight corner of each attendant's box. Click the dots and select pin for the instructor. She will mute everyone.
    Maybe one day we can figure out how to zoom a Cathe workout and do it together!
    It will definitely give you a different experience than what you're used to.

    See you tomorrow!
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    Hi Ladies! For today’s workout, I put together a 20 minute and a 45 minute spin class for a super tough 65 minute spin class. I followed it with 45 minutes of Peloton Pilates, with Kristin McGee, which I loved. But I think I might regret both workouts doing barre this afternoon! :D

    Thelma, great workouts! I did choose the shortest of the Meso 2 workouts for this week, but those drop sets have always felt brutal to me. This week....not as much, which has been a wonderful surprise. I am really looking forward to this afternoon. I will leave it on the instructor screen throughout, which is what I did with the Cathe Road Trip classes. I found during the road trip that I liked knowing I was working out with other people. I think 2020 has gotten to me even though I consider myself an extreme introvert. I miss people. Anyhow, I understand the issue with spinning and PF. Once I got the right shoes, my PF doesn’t bother me from spinning anymore, but I need a stiff soled shoe, that’s for sure. See you later!


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    Hi Laurel, my workouts today were Perfect30 Low Impact HIIT, Perfect 30 - Perfect Flow: Mobility Basics and Pure Barre.

    Great workouts Laurel. I can't believe you chose those workouts before barre! LOL
    I don't know about you, but my butt, abs and thighs are feeling the barre workout! Who would've thought that such an innocent looking workout could hurt so much!

    I am enjoying those STS drop sets. My upper body is feeling the workouts.
    I think the fact that I've had these other women to talk to even for two minutes via Zoom is the reason why I've not missed other people.
    You should try one of Gwendolyn's yoga classes one of these days Laurel. She teaches the Ashtanga class on Monday's at 5:30. It's more of a flow class. Friday's Wind Down Friday is exactly that. It's a gentle flow with a little restorative at the end. It's so perfect for a Friday night. Gwendolyn studies yoga in India and to this day still has a guru.

    I would kick myself (if I could) for giving away the cycling sneakers I had in MA. I definitely started using the wrong sneakers for spinning. I was using the flexible sneakers I've been favoring lately for my regular workouts. This week though I switched to my trail running shoes which have a stiffer sole. I think I'm going to use my Keen hiking shoes until I find proper shoes.

    Merry Christmas!!
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    Hi Thelma! My workouts today were Perfect 30 Lower Body Pump with the lower body and extended stretch bonus. For cardio, I did a fun 30 minute holiday spin.

    Thank you once again for the great Barre class yesterday. I was definitely feeling it in my hips during my workout today. I was really impressed by her instruction and some moves I have never seen before. I look forward to trying another one...hopefully next week. Thank you so much for all of the instructions on how to sign up for more classes. I will let you know how that goes.

    My upper body has been feeling this week’s workouts too. I really debated on whether to do upper or lower today given that everything felt fatigued! But lower won out, and it felt surprisingly good. I don’t think my shoulders would have enjoyed lifting today quite yet. I hope you can find some good shoes for spinning. I lucked out in ordering a pair of shoes from Under Armour I was hoping to use for cardio, only to find them too stiff....and absolutely perfect for spinning. I didn’t realize how much my feet were taking the pressure of the pedal until I tried new shoes! :o

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Until next week.

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    Hi ladies, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We had a very nice, cold and quiet one.
    We actually had a white Christmas here in the mountains. I couldn't believe how happy people were! Temps dropped down to 12 degrees on Christmas Eve night. At about 5am on the 26th the power started to go off every 20-30 minutes after the furnace kicked in and it would come back immediately.
    This went on for about 3-4 hours. We thought our furnace was about to die on us. I checked on FB to see if anyone was talking about power issues. Thankfully we were not the only ones having the same issue and people near us were having the same problem. We think the power grid was terribly overloaded. Thank God we have a gas fireplace.
    We think we got about 1/2 inch of snow and there may be more snow and cold temps at the end of the week.

    My workout on Thursday was Perfect 30 Perfect Pump Lower Body, Extended Stretch Basic Premix and Gina B. low impact workout. OMG Laurel, I woke up feeling that Barre class on Thursday! My hips were super stiff! LOL

    On Friday I did Perfect 30 Perfect Pump Upper Body, Extended Stretch Basic Premix and another Gina B workout.

    Sunday's workout was Great Glutes-Timesaver #4 which excludes the ball part. I hate the hamstring work on the ball!

    Laurel, great workout on Thursday. I also hesitated about doing legs after that Barre class. It took me all morning to feel like moving. I decided to go easy on the cardio; which I did before the leg workout.

    I am so happy you liked the Barre class! Erin is good and she is Pure Barre certified and teaches at Pure Barre of NH. She is a killer! LOL
    I told you it was a class different than anything else we'd tried before. LOL
    I hope you'll join us for another class soon. BTW, I forgot to mention that the multi class passes are sold in sets of 3, 5 and 10.
    If you still remember the style number of your Under Armour shoes please send it to me.

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! Hope you had a good holiday. Ours was very nice. For workouts, on Friday I did Perfect 30 Upper Body Pump with the bonus upper body work, followed by Cathe’s live class from Christmas Eve called Christmas Wonderland 2020. She did the workout in a face mask covered by a Santa beard since she had two other people with her, and I was impressed by the intensity she was able to maintain with it. Saturday was Jessica Smith Walk Strong 3 Boogie IT followed by 30 minutes of Yoga with Kristin McGee. Yesterday was Cathe Live Breathless Legs followed by a 45 minute spin with Peloton. And today was LITE Stacked Sets Upper Body Doubled premix, LITE Six Pack Abs 2 and Cathe Live 40/20 HiiT Low Impact.

    Thelma, I messed up my workouts this week....already! I had it in my mind that we were doing Stacked Sets today and tomorrow and Pyramid Pump Thursday and Friday....and was already half way through Stacked Sets Upper when I looked at my rotation sheet. So I will be doing this week backwards. Oops. Anyhow, great workouts! I just couldn’t face Great Glutes yesterday, so I admire you doing that one. And I booked Wednesday’s Barre class! I bought a ten class pass, so I plan on sticking with it for a little while at least. Like I said, I was super impressed with that workout.

    That is so weird about the power outages....because we had the exact same thing. :o Like you, it was super cold here, but I have our heat off at night, so our power outages weren’t because of our heat kicking on. But it flashed on and off twice in the very early morning hours (about five) that I know of. But I could tell the neighbor’s outdoor lights had flashed on and off as well, so I wasn’t as concerned about it being the power in the house. But it was just strange. We didn’t get any snow though. But on Christmas Eve, DH and I bundled up to enjoy a glass of wine outside by the fire, and we did get a couple of flakes that landed on the table and melted almost immediately. I have a feeling that may be as close as we ever come to snow on Christmas in Huntsville. :)

    Unfortunately I don’t know what model my Under Armour shoes are right off. The shoes are over a year old so chances are that particular model no longer exists. But if I find my receipt for them, I will let you know what they are.

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Monday were Peloton Beginner Ride, LITE Pyramid Pump Upper Body, and Ashtanga Yoga.

    Laurel, I'm glad you had a nice Christmas! Great workouts! great job! I can't believe Cathe did the workout with a mask on!

    No problem in messing up the workout order. I actually enjoyed doing the Great Glutes workout!
    I am so excited about you continuing with Erin's barre classes! I don't know how she does it but every week she has a different routine. It hurts just the same week after week! LOL. She just partnered up with her cousin so I've only taken 2 more classes than you have I think.

    I can't believe you had the same power outage issue we had! I think it was a coincidence that the power went out 20 or so minutes after the furnace kicked in. We have a very inefficient heat pump that doesn't do well in temps lower than 30 degrees so it kicks in often. We think the builder installed whatever was cheaper. We'll deal with it for now. Thankfully we have a dual control heated blanket.
    Too funny about the snowflake on Christmas eve. I bet it was nice to sit outside by the fire.

    Don't worry about looking for the shoe receipt. I tried my Keen highking shoes today but I'm not sure how I feel about having used them so I have to try them again.

    I hope Laurie is on a well deserved staycation and hasn't abandoned us! Thanks for sticking around with me because you keep me accountable!

    Good night!
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    Hi Thelma! Great workouts! Thanks for understanding my mess up on the workout order this week.

    Today’s workout for me was a good one. I started with LITE Stacked Sets Lower Body and LITE 6 Pack Abs 1. And then I felt like a cardio challenge, so I put together quite a combo. I started with F/S Shred Cardio (on a 4” step), into LITE Cardio Party Calorie Crush (on a 6” step) into Perfect 30 Bonus Pyramid HiiT (on an 8” step), ending with the Perfect 30 Extended Stretch. This was right at an hour, and it was tough! But the surprising thing for me was that of the three cardio segments I did, Shred Cardio was the hardest, even at half the step height of the Bonus Pyramid HiiT. That workout is so tough for me. But putting it first and getting through it gave me the energy and confidence to get through the other two segments. I don’t know that I will do this very often, but it sure felt good today to challenge myself with a non-spin cardio workout.

    I am looking forward to the Barre class tomorrow. I definitely won’t be doing the same type of morning workout I did last week before it though. I will spin....but no Pilates. That just about killed me last week. :D

    I imagine Laurie is taking the holidays off right least I hope that is her reason for not being here. I agree about needing and appreciating the accountability so thank you for being here too!

    Until tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies, my workouts on Tuesday were Gina B Low Impact Cardio and LITE Pyramid Pump Lower Body.

    I heard that we're getting some kind of a storm at the end of the week. There could be tornadoes and 75mph winds! Yikes! I hate those winds.

    Laurel, amazing workout combo! You're amazing! I should try doing a step workout. I've not used the step on workout sections that use a for cardio.

    I am looking forward to the Barre class tomorrow too. I'm glad you'll go easy on yourself tomorrow! LOL

    We went to our local courthouse this morning to vote and we walked up the stairs instead of using the elevator. It was three flights but I had a mask on and got a little winded. OMG! All I wanted to do was rip that mask off my face. I don't know how Cathe taught that class while wearing a mask.

    I'm sure Laurie is taking a few days off from work. I remembered that she had some vacation time to take. She's probably busy quilting and making cookies! LOL

    I totally need you ladies to stay motivated. I so appreciate you being there and for putting those amazing rotations together. I joined MFP Jan of 2014 and it was the year I discovered this group! Can you believe it? We've been working out 'together' since 2014. Almost 7 years!!! I didn't realize it had been that long!

    See you tomorrow afternoon on Zoom!
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    Hi Thelma! Great workouts, as always. For my workout today I did a 45 minute spin with Peloton and a 45 minute yoga flow class with Kristin McGee. I feel far less tired from my morning workout today than last week, so I should be in a little better place for the barre class later today.

    I don’t know how Cathe teaches in a mask either. You can tell she is getting more used to it than she was when she filmed her Live Halloween class in October. But I am glad she opted not to have a class every week for Live when she would have to wear a mask because there is no way to keep the same intensity up with a mask on....and we aren’t wearing masks in our homes. I really admire her recognizing that because, without a doubt, she misses having a class with her when she teaches.

    We are supposed to get some storms through here tomorrow as well but nothing quite that strong! Those storms will pass south of us...and I hope they avoid you as well. I remember when we had a storm like that last January and lost our power for hours....which is why we now have a generator. :)

    Happy MFP Anniversary next month! I can’t believe you have been here 7 years. Next month marks my 12 anniversary on MFP. :o That is over 20% of my life, which is just crazy. I am going to say that it has made me sad to see our little group get smaller this year happens, especially in a year this tumultuous. And, honestly, message boards are kind of a thing of the past anymore. But it would break my heart to lose these friendships here so I am hoping, one way or another, we can carry on for a very long time. You ladies here are the only people in my world who understand my passion for fitness, which is a sad but true statement to make.

    Anyhow, see you later!

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    Hi Laurel, it was great seeing you this afternoon. My workouts were Zumba and Barre.

    I'm sure Cathe and her cathletes miss the live classes but you can never be too careful these days.
    People do get used to wearing masks. When I see people with those thick cloth mask, I wonder how they can possibly breath. Early on I made us bandana masks but when we went to the supermarket we both started to overheat when we were scanning our food. I really think it was lack of oxygen.
    Now we have the disposable surgical masks and those are better.

    Hopefully the weather won't get too crazy for us here. I hope we don't have power outages. I did buy more candles, battery operated lanterns, an emergency radio and we had propane delivered today. At least our gas fireplace can keep us warm and we also have a gas stove.

    Happy early MFP 12th anniversary! Incredible! Finding this group has been one of the best things ever for me.
    It also makes me sad to see our little group get smaller this year too. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing.

    Message boards are really a thing of the past but I really like them. It really would be sad to lose the friendships we have formed in this group. I also hope we can carry on for a long time too. I need the support and friendship this group provides in order to survive. I totally understand your passion for fitness and you keep me motivated and inspired. Thank God we have this group because a lot of the people I know simply stopped exercising this year due to the lockdowns. We basically have our own home gyms so no excuses!

    Happy New Year!
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    Hi Thelma! Thanks again for inviting me to those barre classes. I really enjoyed last night’s class. I felt more comfortable for sure and hopefully next week will have my laptop instead of my iPad so I have a bigger picture/better sound. I don’t feel the workout as much today as I did last week, though I did feel a burn (again) in my upper hips when doing my cardio today. I like that. :)

    Anyhow, great workouts yesterday. I went off-script today and did Cathe’s Live class with her live today. I haven’t done a Live class live for months because I was having issues with the workouts starting over half way through. But I had no issues today. It was a Rapid Fire Upper Body workout, so perfect for today in our rotation. I followed it with Perfect 30 High Impact and Low Impact HiiT premix. I record all of my workouts on a calendar, and I didn’t mind one bit closing up my 2020 calendar one last time. I don’t know what is in store for next year, but I live with hope. :)

    Thanks for being here these two weeks with me. I have craved every bit of normalcy I can find this year, and checking in here every day for me means all is at least normal. I hope you are able to find some good Chinese food and enjoy your New Year’s Eve and Day. And I hope those storms skirt right past both of us!

    See you next week. Happy New Year!!

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