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Hi all. Back after a long break, looking for food and training ideas to steal! Love running and all things thc - feel free to add


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    If you are a fan running you might try a sprinting program.

    Ladders: 5 yards and back, 10 yards and back, 15 yards and back, etc.

    Limited Trunk Rotation Sprints: hold a PVC pipe with your arms completely straight overhead and sprint 30 yard four time or so.

    Laying sprints: Lay on your back then flip to your stomach do a push up and explode forward sprinting 30 yards.

    Lateral Sprints: Shuffle your legs side to side 10 yards and back several times as quick as you can.

    Long Jump 15 yard

    Interval sprints: jog 10 yards, sprint 10 yards, go until 60 yards are met.

    Hill sprints: sprint up a hill as fast as you can

    Backwards sprints: sprint backwards on flat land or a hill as fast as you can.

    I worked as a strength and conditioning coach for several soccer teams for a few years and these are some of the things I would have then go through.


    Jessie, CPT