Starting fresh and hoping for support friends!

I'm one of those people who start MFP every "new year new me" and have deleted the app by March. This time I feel differently aftet having 2 babies in the last two years and currently being at my heaviest weight I feel truly uncomfortable and motivated to lose the weight. I created a new MFP profile for a fresh start and have decided to add friends this time in order to have people with the same mindset for motovation and support. Please feel free too add me and share your stories and journies with me :)


  • MaltedTea
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    Welcome back 👋🏿 There are some active threads with moms in both the main forums as well as groups. I'm sure you'll find lots of friends along the way!
  • jessienani
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    Hey, let's be support friends I need some active accountability partners and can't seem to find any!