North Mountain (pics)

A good friend and I skied an under appreciated gem last weekend. We drove as far as we could without getting stuck, and started up the mountain. Conditions were marginal but got better quickly and we wound up having lots of fun. More smiles than usual in our pictures of each other. 🙂 Being outdoors with good company and good scenery does that to you.

A few jeeps had been there before us, and there were tire ruts for a while. It made for slow and deliberate travel for the first mile; eventually the snow got deep enough to stop whoever had been up there, and, finally, we had nothing but untouched powder ahead. Eventually our turnaround time came and we had even more fun on the way down. ⛷️

It was a beautiful spring day (Feb 27) and a lot of snow melted while we were up above, forcing us to walk the last mile and a half to the car. We startled a hawk on the way and got to watch it fly through the trees with the grace and agility of a ballerina.








  • cheriej2042
    cheriej2042 Posts: 241 Member
    Breathtakingly beautiful! What a wonderful day!
  • kshama2001
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    I think Mother Nature-made winter sports are done for the year here in my part of Massachusetts :(

    I did get to go snow shoeing three times this year, which is more than last year.

    No skating again this year. Since I got back to MA in 2011, there's been very little skating. I used to skate all the time in the 70s and 80s.

    It's 36 degrees here today but my partner looked ahead at the weather forecast and got the patio furniture out. I laughed at him but he said just wait a few days and I'd be agreeing he was right.

    I'm very excited about gardening season about to start!