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Duplicating exercises??

alainasuzannealainasuzanne Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member

Been having a few issues recently in trying to get the correct sync set up with my apps.

I have a Myzone which I wear when exercising & links to Apple Health. This in turn links with MFP. I also have a Garmin watch which links to MFP.

Both Apple & Garmin were showing the same exercises so I turned off Apple & kept Garmin so I wouldn't get duplicates. I'm now seeing the Garmin calorie adjustment based on number of steps & the workouts / walks I log on the watch. Are the logged activities already calculated within the calorie adjustment? I'm so confused!!



  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,755 Member Member Posts: 18,755 Member
    No duplicating calories. Not an issue.
    That's why the adjustment is negative.

    tap and hold on that adjustment to see the details. It's not based on steps - that's merely a place to show the figure.

    Garmin reported daily burn, minus what MFP thought you'd burn in normal activity level along with logged workouts it knows about.

    So MFP is subtracting logged workouts it's assuming Garmin already has in their daily burn total - which it does.
    The math is good.

    Apple on the other hand - not so good.
    Because MFP is assuming the same thing, except Apple doesn't send a daily burn total, only a figure for sedentary daily burn, Apple doesn't include increased daily activity or exercise in that sedentary burn figure.
    Screws up the math because they do send the workouts.
    Means the more active you are, and the more exercise you do - the less you eat - totally opposite of the way it should work.
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