MFP not sinking no matter what I do. Any advice?



  • heybales
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    I'm having this same issue? Could this have something to do with daylight savings that just recently happened? I see in the official post about sync to make sure timezones are the same between fitbit & MFP. I just checked the settings for both & I have both as Eastern Time (US & Canada) but b/c it's currently DST FitBit says GMT-4 & MFP says GMT-5

    That did cause me issues before. And whatever Fitbit server I was on showed the right time, but in the data MFP received it was the wrong timezone lacking DST.
    So time appeared corrected, but because of the actual mismatch data would not sync with with MFP.

    Fitbit finally I guess did an audit of all their servers, or maybe my trouble ticket finally was worked on though unreplied to, and they fixed it.
  • jhudson892
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    Mine hasn't been able to sync since Saturday either. I will go with MFP being wonky, like that explanation. Been through this a ton of times before
  • Wolfy999
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    As usual I can sync about once a day and that's it. Not much of a tool for weight loss like this!
  • SomeLouisvilleGuy
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    Having the same issue. If I disconnect FB and reconnect it syncs again, but not again.
  • canyonGeek
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    mine has stopped syncing and it’s driving me crazy. it only syncs when i force disconnect/reconnect. then it doesn’t sync again right before midnight. that means it keeps the last projection, which is always wrong by several hundred calories.
  • Mary1352
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    Same issue for me with Versa Lite. I can't even disconnect Fitbit anymore, I click the button but nothing changes.
    So now Fitbit app doesn't see the food logs, and MFP can't see my steps.
  • CoachJen71
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    No dying for over a week now. Disconnecting does nothing.
  • ihad
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    Synching has been inconsistent for a few weeks now. Works fine for a few days, then won’t synch for a day, repeat.
  • heybales
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    As our members who use their MyFitnessPal account linked to Fitbit have been aware, we have had some sync interruptions in January and February of this year, and years past. Our team is working to make large scale plans to investigate and address the root of what is causing our Fitbit integration to get overwhelmed. This will be a long-term investigation that will continue throughout 2021.
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    I believe I saw a message from MFP that for the month of April they will be working on this ongoing FitBit problem "after hours".
  • tdhandy51
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    There seems to be some sort of server issue causing this failure to sync with Fitbit. On occasion they will sync, almost like they are supposed to, but on other days they won't sync at all unless there is a forced connection of some kind. It is definitely on the server end though.
  • nickchristian3910
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    Even after the twenty-four hours, they talk about it does not seem to sync correctly. I do similar steps on two days running. The first day the sync is good. The next day no sync but it does it overnight. Yet the calories awarded is significantly different between the two days on virtually the same number of steps!
  • GlennMcMillan
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    I got so aggravated that I downloaded Pacer app, syncing by fitbit to it, and then syncing my Pacer app to MFP. So far so good.
  • CarolPre
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    I stopped logging my food or anything on MFP, and am logging it on the Fitbit site/app instead. If MFP ever starts to sync with Fitbit again, I may come back.