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Hi everyone
I'm starting out and am wondering if I should upgrade to the paid version in order to share reports with my RD.

When you download a report - what does it look like?

Can anyone post an example?


  • AnnPT77
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    I'm not sure exactly what reports you're talking about? Are you looking at the web version, or the phone/tablet app? There are various things that can be downloaded, offhand I don't know of any that a premium only. (There may be some, I do have premium, but it's not a feature set I've looked into.) If you could be more specific, I'd be happy to try something and see how it looks.

    Even in the free version (as far as I know), you can download a multi-day version of your food/exercise diary, using the web version of MFP. It looks much like the diary, except that it includes both the food & exercise log portions. It seems like that might be ideal for sharing with an RD. When I did have free MFP, that was an option, for sure. If you want an electronic copy (to email or something), you'd use the print function, but "print to file" using capabilities of your computer.

    I've never tried to do anything like this from the phone app. Not saying it's not possible, though. Just don't know.
  • 1poundatax
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    I am in a program that I have to submit a food diary and exercise informaton to weekly. I use the free version. At the bottom of the food page it says See Full Report (printable). I put the date range that I want to report on. I copy the report, paste it into a Google doc and email it.