Back at this

Well im back at this again. I went from 220 to 202 on my own . I need accountability friends and support. ... im 33 years old I have gluten interalance... so no gluten . My whole family has diabetes but Me and high blood pressure. So im here to stay the skinny one in my family and the healthy one. I'm the only person in my family without diabetes and high blood pressure. Anyone looking to support me feel free to add me.


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    Out of my family of five, only two lived. My father succumbed to kidney failure, my mom had a heart attack, and my brother died of cancer (suffering diabetes and asthma). My lone brother (diabetes and asthma) and I (5.3 a1c and stroke victim) survive. (I have a low blood pressure, atrial fib threw a clot at my brain. Sigh) My brother is BIG. Sam's Club food court BIG.

    I keeping to a Keto-ish meal plan. Meat and vegetables! (And strawberries!)